November 25th, 2002

I'm working on it

Loaner of an Only Heart

Curious, there's something I've never noticed in the video until now. When I think about it, I realized that the members of Yes never actually directly menace the Protagonist. At the end, they approach him without moving, which is disturbing to him, but it's not an overtly hostile move. The Protagonist is doing the fighting, though he doesn't realize it. The world of color is shocking to him, but the closest it comes to any sort of assault is the mealworms crawling on him. Yeah, the cat jumps down on his face, but cats do that all the time; they're just being cats. All the while, the morphing animal band members are trying to wake him up. It's possible that as I originally thought, they may have orchestrated the whole thing, but it was an attempt to bring him over to their side.

The point? He was lost in a world of grinding machinery, conforming without reason. Was he chosen to stand up and take charge of his own life? Maybe, if you believe in the Platonic idea of a gold class. Maybe anyone's got the chance.
Hello Time Bomb!

Stuff And/Or Nonsense

Today, I bought:

A bookshelf, 68"
A desk (on order), L sectional
Cereal (Total)
Tissues, and lots of them
Paid time for somabrak
An ice scraper/snow brush/squeegee combo
Wiper fluid, all weather

All for less than $200, whoo. Which is good, because I have ~$150 travel reimbursement owed to me, plus next Friday's paycheck, plus those darn rebates I still haven't seen. I'm paying off my mom, and my credit card balance, and then I'm a free man again. After I get my new desk set up, I will actually have room for me second monitor, yay.
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