October 21st, 2002


"Baby, when I think about you, I think about luuuuuuuu-oooove."

Hey, Becca
You're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind.

No, that's terrible.

I need a gangsta b—

Ack, NO! Way to get yourself killed, that's what that is.

Down with Becca from tha very start
I got the heart, the smarts to play the part

Uh-uh. That's just not going to work.

Umm... so though I may not have any fancy words for it, I love you. "From the bottom of my socks," to quote Linus, because the heart is not far down enough. Happy birthday, dork.
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Good Grief!

Things to get

19" Monitor... still waiting on my rebate check, but hey. They did say 8-10 weeks. $200-250
Computer Mic... I know you're all dying for new WTP tunes. $20
More CD-Rs... spindle and some jewel cases. 100 spindle and jewel cases $50 total.
Something to mount my CD drive with... it's just kind of sitting there right now, and I'm worried. Dell only sent me two mounting slides, and they're being used to mount Bond. They did not send me mounts for a second CD drive. I was thinking of ball-point pen screws for an interim solution...

Should I get any more cool gadgets for my computer? I'm thinking about a digital camera, but really, I never take pictures. I should upgrade printers some day, but this guy's ok. What's cool to have?

Also need:
bookcase, gotta be at least 6 feet tall with five shelves. I am tired of midget bookcases. $50 to $100 if I can't find one cheaper at a yard sale
slippers, slipper socks (poor circulation) and maybe (as Alison suggested) a computer blanket for to wrap myself upin upon cold winter nights
socks, cause mine have holes in them. All of them. <=\
sunglasses, because they make me look cool
travel sewing kit, just cause
travel toiletries because my supply's running low
them damned Blue Potato Chips. I will be health conscious. Dammit.
New tires, and maybe wiper blades
two (2) disposable cameras developed
and if my raise is as stylin as I hope, I may get a cel phone. Jinkies!

Shiner's playing at North6 (same venue as the Velvet Teen, for those in the 'know'), but it's part of a "CMJ Festival" and they're only scheduled to play for less than 45 min. No way I am making a 90 minute trip each way for 45 minutes of Shiner. I love those boys, but I want to see them headline, or at least open for an hour set or something.

"he's in hell, but we're the ones who pay"
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I&#39;m working on it

Nanu nanu, indeed.

I was joking this morning, but now I'm really starting to think about this thing.

What do you guys think? Impossible dream? Something I'll start and never finish just like all the other projects? Or goal on the road to becoming someone who completes tasks he sets for himself?

At any rate, once my bills come in, I might get one of those beatnik shirts with whatever I've got leftover. Gah, if only I could commit to a course of action without having my hand held in fire.

"things guide a man changed; his hands held fire"
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