September 22nd, 2002


Loco & Teh Funniemen

My first parody in awhile, I think I'll start publishing them under my (real) band name. I present to you the first of my Dis-parodies. This song is based on the classic "The Killing Moon" by Echo and The Bunnymen, and is inspired by the recent and impending dental surgeries of two girls whose names begin with K.

Under your anaesthesia
So soo-oon you'll fill my
cavities up, too numb to beg you
or cancel it, no I know it must be
the drilling time, unwillingly mine

Let's talk about your bi-ill
You mean you can't pay now?
Your teeth with gold are fi-illed
You will pay someho-o-ow

Reclined in chair I smell you
hot light and breath on my face
My lips so very swollen
My mouth all dry from suction
This drilling loon;
my gums are doomed

Let's settle up your bi-ill
You mean you can't pay up?
Let me get my dri-ill...
Rinse with paper cup

You rinse with paaaper cup...

©2002 disparity; a fair use production of the shiny red ball corporation, rubbertree division
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