August 28th, 2002


A Well-Respected Man

So my otherwise cool eye doctor over/mischarged me for my contact lenses. That, coupled with the gas attendant (yes, in New Jersey, you have to pay for some other slob to pump your gas; it's the LAW) 'accidentally' pumped a few gallons of Supreme into my tank when I am clearly on a Regular budget before I could get his attention (getting out of the car is also not allowed, but is probably the best way to get six attendants with nothing better to do to descend upon you) overdrew my account (and I work in my frickin bank!). All these factors combine to yield a two-digit balance between both of my accounts. But because I'm such a pillar of the community, I was allowed to float not one but TWO triple digit checks today for deposit on the weekend, after my pay hits. Which it had better; so far the new bank has fucked me up and down the flagpole. My personal assistant has been acting as my credit counselor (remind me to give her a raise first thing when my book sells and I hire her officially), which I appreciate, but I also appreciate that with some people my credit is still good enough based on the force of my character.

I'm oh-so-good. And I'm oh-so-fine. And after yoga, I'm feeling oh-so-healthy in my body and my mind.

So that's what's going on with me, to answer those who seem to have 'missed' me, or, at least, my online presence. For further info, you will have to follow this link.
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Silky Smooth; PDE

More info to follow.

And, in addendum, I am currently engaged in starting my own eternal fraternal organizization, Kappa Sucka Foo. Plans are also underway for a sister organization, to be disclosed later.
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