August 21st, 2002


No Longer Gone

I'm back again! Today was a day of spending, driving, seeing, and spending some more. And I listened to some tapes (yes, tapes) in my car, and CDs in my head(phones).

  • I have come to the conclusion that I am too old for Spencer Gifts and The Sharper Image, but I am not yet old enough for Brookstone, which is good because it leaves me something to look forward to.

  • If I ever become a Pro Wrassler, I want my theme to be Genesis' The Brazilian. Of course, to be up to WWFE standards it will have to be covered by Limp Bizket or POD or some band with Mudd in the name. You say, "But you're not Brazilian!" but you have to remember that it doesn't matter. No one will know or care. And it's not just because it's pro wrasslin; people are always asking me if I speak Spanish and from where in South America I come. South American(-descended) people! It really doesn't matter, and I'll never have to speak a word of Portuguese in the role. But meanwhile, the song. It's the last track on Invisible Touch, a tape which I picked up after reading American Psycho's chapter titled simply "Genesis" in which Bateman talks at length about their career and side projects. My first time through the song was spent waiting for the words to come in, and wondering about the accessibility of the few non-hit tracks on the album. But the second time, I was listening to the music itself; not quite triumphal, not quite sinister, with more than a hint of adventure and a feel of less than tyrannical dictatorship. There is something supreme and yet not overbearing about the piece; it's by no means the greatest instrumental ever technically (YYZ) or melodically (Whale & Wasp). But it's distinct. Hopefully you've already loaded whatever Napsterspawn program is hot this week (KaZoo or something?) and started downloading it. That's all I can ask; that you pirate copyrighted material to see if you agree with a matter of my opinion.

  • "My name's Miss Gradenko. Don't worry, I'm safe!" I don't know why I was watching Spy Kids; most likely I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, to see if I could still sit through a 'hit' kids' movie as I would have to do as a father. But Teri Hatcher's character's introduction made me laugh, all the more for the fact that it was so quick and simple that it probably went over the head of ninety percent of the parents watching the movie, let alone the kids. And later, at that same yard sale in Massachusetts with Becca as the one where I bought Invisible Touch, I picked up a tape copy of Synchronicity because I am too lazy to make one myself (actually, I have one already made, with that hideous Mother song deleted, but it's at my Grammy's in New York). And I got to play it for Becca and explain the joke and she was very patient and listened which is why she's cool. Part of why, at least. "Hi, here is something that is only funny to me and I will repeat it too but in a way that breaks it down and tells it like a story so it becomes long and drawn out and not really funny even to someone who would get the original joke and will you listen please?" Yeah, that's me and I'm proud to be six years old. Forever.

  • A National Acrobat. I am the one that hides the universal secret of all time. "Destruction of the empty spaces is my one and only crime." Man, this song has the coolest lines. And it kind of lurks in after Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath. It's like the evil vizier to S,BS's King of Teh Album. And Fluff is just purty. Yay, Sabbath.

  • I bought a yoga mat! Now I can yoga!
  • I went to the eye doctor and got these new contacts that you wear for a month and not two weeks. Since I only wear one lens, I got less than a year's supply which will now last me 18 months. Hell, I will probably have MY DEGREE by then. If I have to rip it out of Sally Struthers' still warm, clammy hands.
  • My yoga mat is blue, like Monday.
  • I got shaving cream, which, like the last can, will probably also last me 18 months.
  • I don't think I told you about the Spongebob Air Fresheners I bought for my car. Three for the price of one of those lousy trees!
  • SIX GALLON PIE!!! (also an instrumental, which technically belongs under Music but you can shut it)
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