July 25th, 2002

Good Grief!


I... just... got... offered...

a CEL phone. For free.

No plan... just a phone.

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Relaxing... a little

Particularly the thought about unadornedly documenting his thoughts...

I have been gradually digesting the entire electric sheep site in an attempt to understand the central focus of these 'eComix' or 'iComix' or whatever that are not out-right funny, nor inherently philosophical, nor crassly sexual.

It wasn't till I read The Guy I Almost Was that I went "Whoa," or, in fact, had any reaction at all.

Maybe I will come back on this entry a few years later, and the electric sheep site will still be up, and I would be able to compare myself with the guy I almost was.

Don't look for your fate in others.

I started reading High Fidelity today.
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