July 23rd, 2002

Oh yeah?

The Pietasters

Smanda: I'm trying to think of ways to entertain bacon while he's visiting
Vedkar: !
Vedkar: Pie?
Smanda: Well you can only eat so much pie
Vedkar: Right
Vedkar: So I hear
Vedkar: Having never eaten pie, I wouldn't know
Smanda: You never had pie?
Vedkar: No
Smanda: Wow
Smanda: You need to find some cute chick and then have pie with her
Smanda: Its SEXY
Vedkar: But I don't LIKE pie. =(
Smanda: Oh NO
Smanda: Perhaps there's little blue pills you can take to enhance your desire for pie
Vedkar: Somapie
Vedkar: A Brave New pie
Smanda: pieagra
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