July 12th, 2002

Good Grief!

Lost Time

Maybe someone can tell me if they've seen me just go blank and stare for minutes at a stretch. I lost about twelve minutes this morning, and I can't remember blacking out. I'm not prone to blackouts per se, but I am not unfamiliar with lost time and "what were you doing in there?". Do I go elsewhere for minutes at a time? Does my unconscious mind subvert my consciousness for a bit while it uses the RAM to cogitate some earthshaking realization that will surface a week later? Or maybe I continue about my routine tasks automatically while my conscious mind (and therefore my mental clock, as we all know from sleep research, aka dreaming) switches off. That would be much harder to spot.

And what can I do to keep from being late at work (aside from not posting to lj about it) because of it?
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