July 10th, 2002


Roll with the changes, bitch

So where yesterday I felt like I couldn't make anyone's day, today I did quite the opposite. But if you look at it, I probably made and ruined the same amount. Today felt better, though. Sure, I had a couple of people at my throat, but the hell. I don't really give a shit about negative people any more. Not today, at least.

I feel really bad when I can't help everyone. That was my day yesterday. Today, one of my frequent customers came in and apologized about how he yelled at me last week; that was cool. I shrugged it off and blamed the heat and he didn't feel so bad either. I had more people recommend me for a promotion. I had a nice chat with the cute florist chick. I take scrambled people like troubled knots of tense string and pick and pull them gently until they're straightened out. I love to undo knots. And like a knot, it's as if you get to one crucial pull and suddenly all the loops are detangled and the whole thing is plain as day. You're already on the other side just when things looked their worst and most complex.

Magnolia's on. Ricky Jay's in this movie. I only recently learned he went to Cornell. I am desperately seeking a copy of his Playing Cards as Deadly Weapons, even just to read and not own. Last I checked it retails for $350 as a rare and out of print book. Eyes open, fingers crossed.

I'm two pages into my journal and already a theme is emerging. It's heavily based in naturalist observations, so if it keeps on like it is and manages to weave itself into a book, I'll title it Flying Blind. Apropos and an homage. Rc0k.
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Shy Smile

Hee! Less than a week after David and I took a drive up to Saratoga Springs to see Rush, I'm reading about James Bond and his pal Felix Leiter making the same trip. So weird! And cool.
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