June 22nd, 2002

Many Loves!

Could it be... mmm... SATAN?

On the subject of Dobie G. (Gray, not Gillis), I never realized how Drift Away was a song about Satanism.

This song is about turning to Satan:

Day after day, I'm more confused
Between God and Satan.

You know that's a game I hate to lose
We all know who else hated to lose... FAUST. And look what happened to him.

And I'm feelin the strain; ain't it a shame
He can feel himself succumb to Satan, but he doesn't even care!

Examine the chorus, where Satan himself speaks:

Give me the beat, boys
and free my soul
from HELL!

I wanna get lost in your rock & roll
Translation: I want to hide as subversive messages in your rock & roll albums

and drift away
...and be distributed to millions of teenagers with too-lenient parents

Yeah, now you see that shit. Check out how the second verse is clarified just by adding 'in Church' to the end of each line:

Beginning to think I'm wasting time [in Church]
Don't understand the things I do [in Church]

And then he just out and out begs Satan for power:

The world outside looks so unkind
I'm counting on you [Satan!] to get me through

THE HORROR! And children have been listening to this stuff for years now.

And when my mind is free [from God]
Y'know, a melody can move me [straight to your new address at 666 Hell Street!]
This song is blatantly praising how Satan consumes our youth through rock music!
Thanks for the joy that you've given me [, Satan]
I want you to know I believe in your [power over me through] song
...You help me along
makin' me strong [with your SATAN POWAR!] >=(


Now, now, now
Won't ya take me [Satan]?
Oh, just take me!

Beware. Just... beware.

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