June 21st, 2002


Just the first two minutes (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/soccer/world/2002/world_cup/news/2002/06/21/us_germany_commentary/)

Wow, our team is GOOD. That's some amazing footwork. Maybe they will KRUSCH Deutscheland after all. Damned Huns.

Ja, but meine Germanblud ist kinde torn. I guess I lose either way.

...Go Senegal!

It looks to me like Germany's a resilient and persistent team, but damned if we aren't wily and clever on the field. I just hope we can keep the energy up longer than they can. Maybe they'll foul out or whatever you do when you get too many of those yellow cards. They look pretty rough. Ha, und der goalie ist KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNN!!! Maybe that's why they call them Huns; we're decended from Atilla and Ghengis.

*** Update: So it looks like my journal was in read-only mode and this never posted. Well, fuck you, too, lj. Good job to the U.S. team, they gave 110.
Aww yeah

Must stop

Playing "What If...?" with the (non-MarvelTM) universe.

Or, as Joe said, we should play "What The-- ?!"
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Oh yeah?

I did a whole Dick last night.

I finished The Minority Report last night, so now I'm equipped to ruin the movie for people. Unless it came out last weekend and I wasn't paying attention.

Yay, I talked to Alison on the phone last night (FOREVER, but I was wired on Mountain Dew and so just kept talking).

Yay, I was on the phone with Becca night before last. We are 'back together' for those who have lost the art of 'figuring things out for yourself'. I know, it's odd. I have this journal and I put blah-blah-blah all in it, but I don't want people in my personal business. That is why I am a crass ass and why you all either love me or hate me the way you do. Because I am me, and I am how I am. I won't say 'Mind Your Own Business' (M.Y.O.B. stands for make your own booze, if BYOB stands for bringing it; and I'm talkin MOOOOOOOOONSHIIINE yay), but I won't be forthcoming with details about my life. I'm just that kind of cool cat. That and I will insert parenthetical clauses to confuse people when I don't want them to read what I've wrote.
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The Generation Sound Forgot

My Pearl Jam records are burning
because I set them on fire
And all the kids are learning
is how to be better buyers

Listening is dead
our hearing is shot
We are the generation
that sound has forgot

Your Deadhead bumper sticker
and your Misfits patch Clash
And all of your icons
you're worshipping with cash

And so much creativity
has all come to naught
We are the generation
that sound has forgot

They make record sales figures
But no one left makes music
Their endeavor's not so clever
if they're forcing you to choose it
...or lose it

Really we ought
leave them to rot
Song without thought
as sound has forgot...
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