June 3rd, 2002

Want Fries with that?

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Atomiser. The devil laughs
at storied joke
as you are trapped
you sputter; choke

You're broken down
to smallest part
You're kept inside
your lockbox heart

When memories
fall destroyed
What you collect
you can't avoid

You press it down
to keep inside
crush to atoms
fuel your pride

Break it down
to smallest part
Keep it all
in your heart

You take it
smash it
belongs to none
You can't escape
once you've begun

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You can't Houyhnhm all

I just watched Planet of the Apes II: Marky Mark and the Apey Bunch. All I will say is that both ape and human (never you mind that humans are apes) would benefit from a planet of the horses. Or maybe that would be too Gulliver-y.

Hmm... that gives me an idea for a rad subject line pun.
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