May 28th, 2002

Hello Time Bomb!


Someone write me a long and detailed e-mail about their memorial day weekend! You can sent it to my livejournal e-mail address.

Pleeeeease? Thanks, *mwah*!
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Relaxing... a little

Screw The Who

You know what would be cool? Spidersilk ties.

For most people, this kind of post would be accompanied by a "my birthday is in two weeks!" statement. From me, it comes with a preachy longpost. Not quite as long as my day at work today, but I'll see what I can do.

When I thought up the initial post, I did not consider getting them from people. Then I thought about posting it and what comments I might get, and I thought about what people might think.

Is it weird of me that when I think of something I want that I don't think about getting it from someone, but rather, of buying it for myself? I don't ever expect things from people. Of people, yes, but not from. Not only is it more reliable, but it is less greedy. People always ask me what I want for [gift giving occasion] but I rarely have an answer. Because when I wanted it initially, I saved for it and got it. That's me, and whether that makes me more or less American (supercapitalist pig) is up to you. I'm really wondering about this and not just trolling for comments. The worst thing about me is not that I'm odd but that no one ever believes I'm actually odd in the way that I say and not just trying to create a stir.

It was a long and physically draining day today, but it had a pleasant ending. There was a nice girl (who was prepared and everything) at my window, and she was very friendly and conversational. She noted that I looked like I'd had a rough day and was very conscientious in wanting to do her transaction the easiest way possible. Most of my customers want to do things their way, even if their way is through a brick wall. And she listened to me [vent/bitch/whin(g)e/complain/ramble/othercliche] about work. It's amazing what a smiling face can do for you. Please remember this the next time you're doing anything out in the world that involves a customer rep on the other side of the desk. Even if they don't seem to appreciate it, *I* do, so this is my thanks to you if you're bright and cheery (without being irritating and perky) when you're being "helped" by someone.

That, and the cute foreign girl I had a crush on in middle school saw me while she was waiting for the bus today and gave a shy kinda tentative wave. I think I probably surprised her by knowing her name when I said hi as I walked past. She's still cute and foreign, but she's not a girl anymore. *wink wink*, Hubba hubba, additional appropriate male (non-genderneutral) response.

Are my sentences getting long and convoluted enough yet? I'd hate to think any of you were able to follow what I've written.

This is me, putting cheese in places you've never dreamt.
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Nothing to Do with Jeff Lynne's Hair

Well, that was fun

Would that I could consign myself to dream about you

But I don't dream

All my hopes and aspirations are waking

It was nice while it lasted, but now that it's over

It goes on and on inside my head

Sleep or dreams, I go on
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