May 7th, 2002

Aww yeah

Oh my god, it's HIM!

In the diner we stopped at on the way to Cornell, there were a bunch of signed glossy photos. One of those was of Chris "Corky" Burke and his band.

I think maybe two of you out there will understand why, when we sat down to eat that morning, it was both very fun and very serious.
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Because Captain Planet jokes will never die...

Caity: *smiles* well i'm talking to you, my friend in argentina, my friend who just got back from england, and my friend in la
V: Wow
Cait: *laughs*
V: We four should unite our powers
V: "Let our powers combine"
V: "Argentina!"
V: "England!"
V: "LA!"
V: ...
V: "Jersey"
V: <=(
Cait: exactly
V: I am "heart"
V: =\
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Want Fries with that?

The Luck of the Irish

Just when I need someone to remind me I'm lucky, someone does. But then, a big part of luck is having needs met, even if you didn't know you had them or wished you didn't. One thing that the detail horoscope my aunt did for me revealed is that I am destined to have my needs met; I have like seven planets in Virgo or something. Maybe ten.

I won't be successful, I won't be famous, but I'll be happy. The hell with the rest of it. Illusions. The Seven of Cups. (I got that one right without looking in the book! Lucky again!). The caprice of notions.
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