April 28th, 2002


Ground Zero Fire

Homeworld Destroyed
Violent struggle in the space between worlds
Embittered combatants headlong hurled
At a velocity where light starts to grow pale
Critical systems are starting to fail

Alien fights to protect the core
Hero fights for what is pure
Neither knows the other
Both fight to protect the Mother

The sins of the past cleansed and forgot
In this war between two astronauts
Our future history here is wrought
No room for mystery within the onslaught

It's a fight against fear and a race against time
Out here in space there is no more crime
Their way is wrong and our way is right
So proved with e-m shield and blazing light

The starlight of eyes twinkles with tears
They watch us die at the hands of our fears
Them, so far away, and the future so near
Never to look away, never to interfere

Part, To
Do you know what it's like to have your homeworld destroyed?
One hundred percent of us are now unemployed
No more riding the bus with Gus and with Lloyd
But no more Christmas fruitcakes from Aunt Murgatroyd

Do you know what it's like to have nowhere to go?
To be cut loose, adrift in time's endless flow?
No rudder to steer, no paddle to row
Nothing to fear, but then, nothing to know

Hoping, someday, some body's gravitation will pull you in
Unless it's to black hole's sickening spin
Endless lengthwise torment and nothing within
Unable to go on for the weight of your skin

Don't know what it's like to have my homeworld destroyed
I was born out in space and places I avoid
And swallow scarce ions flying through the void
If it's all you've ever known, is it always enjoyed?
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Aww yeah

There you go, way too fast.

V: Whatever happened to the Primitives?
V: =\
23: the 60's primitives or the 80's primitives?
Vedkar: latter
23: ah
23: Not that I could tell you anyway...
V: of course...
23: aside from AMG's "Disbanded: 1991"
V: The easy answer would be to say that they went back in time to the 60's...
V: If I was in a band, and then I went back in time, and managed to survive until the time my band existed, I'd go to my shows and yell, "YOU SUCK! GET OFF THE STAGE" etc
23: heh
V: "Hey, old man, don't make me kick your ass!"
V: "CAN IT! Don't make ME kick MY ass!"
V: "Well-- wait. What the fuck did he just say?"
V: *paradox ensues*
23: indeed
V: =D
V: That would be the best way to end the universe. Ever.
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