April 14th, 2002


Sum Dim

I always thought Roger Daltrey would make an okay Dr. Who, until just now, when I realized the pun involved.

That and the fact that he would sell it out to ludicrous extremes, to car companies and others. And he would try to somehow make it capitalize off the last year's terrorist attack, but it would suck like his recent renditions of his old standards.

Yeah, way to stick it to him in revenge for getting me caught in a moronic pun. I'm not a big man, and I'm big enough to admit that.
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    Molly McGuire, Royal Pine Box
The view from up here

And if I built this fortress...

I've never been in a relationship where it didn't feel like I was walking barefoot through the rubble of a once-holy temple, sifting ash and broken glass almost playfully through my toes.

It seems like the most hastily raised are the most easily razed. And yet; the less substantial the foundation, the more jagged rock that it leaves behind.

I don't know what I'll do if I ever find out I built a structure like that inside someone.