April 5th, 2002

Everyone is fucking stupid

Ha ha! My invisible man is bigger, better, and realler than your invisible man! You love the wrong invisible man.

And for that, I shall kill you, your family and friends, and heck, anyone that looks like you. Because my invisible man—no, THE Invisible Man, the one and only, told me to.

Well, ok. He didn't actually tell me. He told one of my ancestors. And He didn't actually tell him. He just inferred that He would want us to kill you for not liking Him. I mean, it stands to reason, right?

Wait, what am I asking you for? You can't even pick the right invisible man to love. Your judgement is obviously flawed, and fatally.
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Grrr!, Dammit!

Oh, Dearest Internet

Dear Internet Kiddies (cause this is, once again, mostly the kids):

Strikethrough links on mouse hover is SO STUPID! What is it, like everything you want to click is automatically so STUPID that it gets crossed out? What's the point of strikethrough? It's not an accent like bold or underline. It's a negation. Oooh, nihilism is SOOoooOOOOoo cool. Yeah, maybe in the 1930's it was.

What, you're doing it because it hasn't been done? Just because links have been traditionally underscored or bolded? Not all traditions are inherently bad. Find the root in the tradition before you blanketly admonish it. Just because bolding, underscoring, highlighting, color changing, overscoring; those have all been done; because of that you strikethrough? Oooh, that's good thinking. Since you've already tried fucking everything else in the house, why not try fucking your sister, you inbred sack of genetic pollution.

After all, it worked for your daddy.
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Silky Smooth; PDE

Soon to Groove

I clipped and filed. I went and bought polish. Tonight, I paint my nails blue and black.

The only thing I'm worried about is that they really didn't have black polish, so I got hardener. I'll try it out on my toes first. I'm going to do them black and blue alternating. Maybe later, when they grow out more, I'll paint a checkerboard pattern on them. That would be so cool-looking. I love checkerboards. I love checkerboards in perspective even more. I should do some combination of both, radiating from the cuticles. Wow. That actually sounds like a plan.

I still remember how shocked Becca was to see her boyfriend first on line to get his nails painted at the Christine Lavin concert. Ha! I'm the coolest boyfriend that ever was (past tense).
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The view from up here

#1500: Miracle Grow

<td align="left"> Inside each is a wildflower, sprung from a seed carrying genetic codes planted by the love of two parents in the soil of the environment. Though some may resemble others in some way; whether they have the same number of petals, the same shade, or similar aspects such as thorns, each flower is unique, and lovely. Sometimes, one flower wants to be like another flower. It wants to forsake its own beauty to imitate the beauty of another. It even tries to grow nearer to that flower, but it just ends up getting trampled by the rush of people trying to get to the next flower. Trampled flowers all break down into their common base elements once they begin to decay. In their quest to be so much like ona another, they have become like all others, reduced beyond what common standards consider beauty into dirt.

Each flower has a life of its own. It cannot take on the life of another, but it can give up its own trying Better instead for each flower to respect the space of the other flowers, and the individuality. Each flower working together in concert creates the rich pasture of life through which we so love to stroll on idle Sunday afternoons.
</td><td bgcolor="#ffffff" align="right" width="251"><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="250" height="450" align="right" bgcolor="#000000">
One Another
</td></tr> <tr><td align="center" colspan="2">
Us All</td></tr></table>
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