March 31st, 2002

Grrr!, Dammit!

Gah, a footnote

On the other hand, lj has cut sharply the length allowed in metadata and subject fields. I suppose to curb excess HTMLing. Poop. That's the best part of my journal. The hypertextuality of every last component. Why use a medium if you don't exploit it to the fullest. I might as well use a paper journal where I can put a page reference (much shorter than a URL) in the margin.

Fie and damnation. Poo and ass. A pox and a curse. Other pairs of words.

I scratch my accidents into the wall. It sounds like he says, "I scratch my ass again," though. Hee. *. Giggle.
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Easter egg

I am enjoying myself by listening to the Egg again today. It's been awhile since I pulled it out. Something about today gave me the idea to listen to it. I checked; no Shiner dates on this coast, though it looks like they will be playing the West Coast a bit.

I have so far won $6 on lotto tickets, and gotten a fiver from gramZ. That pretty much pays for my trip to Brooklyn Friday night. And as I'm sitting here scratching, I can just see the lucky family member who bought me the ticket immediately turning (physically) into a hideous wolverine, snarling and demanding their cut. Up until now, that sharing has been kind of an unspoken understanding in my family. I'm idly considering what would happen if I were to pull down a big winner, though, and I don't think I would share if demands (your 'duty') were made. I don't want to support that mentality.

I am someone to whom people look up. I am someone whom people want to be.

Ooh, look, at $500 winner...
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