February 23rd, 2002


Life is nothing but fun and games.

As the sun raptly rises
or does it slowly set?
You and I race through days
we never will forget

We playfully climb the jealous trees
who'll never run beside you and me

No compromises
knowing no regret
In sunlight we blaze
barely started yet

Our breath becomes the breeze
and we, the air, are free

No simile can sum
No metaphor can mold
the way the day's been won
by we who are the bold

A frictionless slide on dewy lawn
We can resist this nor the dawn

As stars at night are dim
And daily hid by sun
So their lives are thin
While ours are purest fun

We'll find that we still fawn
long after you have gone

She stopped not to look
and ran off rocky cliff
Nor did I slow down
but followed, twice as swift

And I could hear her sing
as we both took to wing:

"We never can grow old
Always, we'll live on
We cannot count in years
When all that counts is song"
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Aww yeah

Not the way to be...

All I've heard today is a lot of people going: "Chuck Jones! Chuck Jones!"

So I did.

And let me tell ya, Jones is none too happy about it.

*rim shot*
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Hello Time Bomb!

(no subject)

RootNegOne: heh
RootNegOne: i may have my comp backed up tonight
RootNegOne: i hope to have freeBSD up by tomorrow
Vedkar: Chain of thought
Vedkar: You made me think of that joke about the fat person in line at McDonalds with the pager
Vedkar: Backing up
Vedkar: and then since you're on the phone with your girl, you made me think of it in terms of a 'yo girlfriend so fat' joke
Vedkar: Which led me to think about backing up your gf
Vedkar: Which is not a bad idea.
Vedkar: Because it's not keeping another woman on the side
Vedkar: It's still your girlfriend
RootNegOne: ha
Vedkar: Just a copy of her
RootNegOne: need a gf burner
Vedkar: In case something goes wrong with her
RootNegOne: heh
RootNegOne: which they never ever do around me
Vedkar: As girls are wont to
RootNegOne: hrm
RootNegOne: i'm not sure if it would be good or bad for them to combine resources
Vedkar: And though it may be identical, it won't be the identity.
Vedkar: Oh, definitely bad
Vedkar: Except in cheap pronos
RootNegOne: well
RootNegOne: it would double good food output too
Vedkar: This is not cheap porn. This is quality sci-fi!
Vedkar: Ha!
Vedkar: We have not dated the same girls
RootNegOne: nope