February 14th, 2002

I'm in a private helicopter with my favorite ex-girlfriend; no one to keep up appearances for

I'm getting to appreciate how good the first Harvey Danger album is. When I bought them, I really fell for the second one, but the first seemed unpolished and brash. I'm diggin it now, though. Private Helicopter is the bombtrack.

I'm on a hovercraft to Paris with my former best friend
We hope to get to the cinemateque
We're not alone, but no one speaks English so we're free
to look into each other's minds
and see what we're thinkin like we always used to

I miss talkin to you BAH BAHHHH
But you never drum me up so
Cast off the ego scars
Let's go hit the bars

Yeah, baby. Eight miles high; three hours to landing. This is why I'm emo.

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Jigen Daisuke

I'm thinking of a number between everything and two.

The more I live, the more convinced I am that love is not found in a person, but in a moment shared.

On the lighter side: if I could be Satan one day of the year, that day would be St. Valentine's. Man, did I bring the laughs and pain today, all at other people's expense.
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