February 11th, 2002


I know what car I want.

If it is anything like it is in Vanishing Point, I want an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 (V6, 24V, 1996). After driving the Rustang Cobra and the 325i, it's nice to have a car that accelerates, holds the road, and powerslides. I looked in the manual today, and one of the "helpful hints" was about powersliding. I didn't know that it was a real technique, or that there was a name for how I taught myself to take turns (ease off the accelerator going in; accelerate again coming out). And to think, they wanted me to slow down going through turns instead of gaining speed. HA! I have good driving instincts.

A car I do not want to drive is the Dodge Viper GTS. Sure, it's got ten (count 'em, 10!) cylinders of pure horsepower, but it's also rear-wheel drive, which equals fishtail city. I want my power to be going in the same direction as I'm turning, not as in the direction I used to be going. I haven't even unlocked the Viper in this game, but if the Lotus Elise (4 cyl, rear wheel drive, but about half the weight of even the light BMW 325i) is any indication, it won't be fun.

Problem with the GTV is that you won't find it anywhere, not even for way more than I'm willing to pay. I'd love to fake a test drive with one, though. I can't decide on the regular or the six speed option... hmm.


Nevermind; I just killed my 6 speed time with the five speed. I'll bet it's cheaper and less dealing with way too many gears. I don't get how they differ, if the top speed (145, though I can beat that on a straightaway) is the same it must be the gear ratio. Fie on that. I'll be set with five speeds and reverse, and European shifting. I want European shifting; the kind that is all smooth-lock into place, as compared to how everything is loose and free in cars with American shifting. There will be no waggling my shifter; everything will be precise and move straight and be smooth as ice.

I wonder if the Alfa dealer in Englewood is still there...

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