February 4th, 2002


Dark's Tower

Deadened sky, silent moon
and here I am; still, entombed
And the wind drags clouds
like final curtain; a shroud
over me, head hung low
In mind, a song sung slow

These ancient melodies
drifting, wafting memories
Harkening, they call to me
Shelter me in fallacy
This tower ebon holds me
Construct of obstinancy

These hands once lifted rocks alone
Clenched now in fists to pound on stone
These lands I mined to make my home
Now scattered all with dust and bone
Over horizon the last sun's ray shone
Now gone away never to be known

And then rain falls to quench hard earth
Water of my life squandered since birth
Water held tight for all it's worth
Eyes moisten, lips crackle with mirth
I've found myself the source of my dearth
What else can I do? I hurt.
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    the scales of ancient melodies

John's Falt

I borrowed one (1) copy of Atlas Shrugged from my town library today. Twentieight (28) days to read 1200 (one thousand, two hundred) pages. I am going to read at least fifty pages a day. There will be no renewal.
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    Shiner - The Simple Truth / Michael Penn - No Myth