January 22nd, 2002

A Beating to Forget (and Forgive)

You know, I worry about movies today. Movies and books so far throughout history, but the recent "A Walk to Remember" ads have me wondering. It's about this guy who's a bad boy and a girl who sees the good in him? How many women refuse to leave an abusive or otherwise harmful relation because they're the only one who can "see the good in" asshole X?

Let's see... four plus... carry the zero... that's two... two many.

Or too. Forgive my cleaver punn.

Fuck you, Mass Media. You will be among the first against the wall. And before your blood has dried, the Minister of Pop-a-ganda will be ruling the airwaves.

Can I get a big, "Yaaaaaaaaaay, ruling things!"
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Silky Smooth; PDE

"Anyone can control a woman's body; the trick is to control her mind."

I had shit to say today; no time to say it.

Fuck that. American Pimp is on.

"When it became known that black men were making a significant amount of money from it that they weren't being taxed on; that's when it became a bad thing."


Hell yeah! I just learned what kind of pimp I am: The Player. 'Players are smart, intelligent brothers with a good image. They talk, and it makes sense. They leave, and they leave you with a positive image.'

I love this documentary! I really do.
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Hello Time Bomb!

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I can't understand how my mom spends so much time on the phone.

My mom can't understand how I spend so much time on the internet.

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