January 17th, 2002

Gulp! - Take III

Alright, pencils up, heads down. It's quiz time. Look at as something to do while you're bored at work. Or bored at home. Please don't feel obligated; but if you do, then it's your own damn fault. And contrary to my usual taste for the obscure, almost all of these questions have been taken directly from my journal. You should be able to easily answer all of them, and correctly, too! This is what you get when my neighbors wake me up at 4 AM on my day off.

I also think I'm going to switch to my other AIM screenname. The one I Never Liked. Today, I get cable internet (I hope), so I should be online all the time now.

And then they...
Nevermind. Apparently, "friendtest" dot com sucks. Only two of my ten questions showed up. So I had two questions, and five blank pages. It didn't even record three of them, since it claimed I only asked seven questions ( five of which were blank ). I should've known better. Not that I have anything else better to do at 5 AM.

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