January 11th, 2002


So go out and get yourself some thick black frames.

I'm happiest when I'm pissing someone off. Like, really pushing their buttons. And just like my psionic power to know where someone's ticklish, I know where those buttons are intuitively.

Now, I just need to find a job where I can really irritate a lot of people, on a very personal level, each and every day.

Man, that job would never get boring.
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    The Misfits - Shining


I'm in a good mood today.

I'm also in a Hold Your Fire mood.

The two coinciding is rare. It's far easier to look at the album from the negative side; there's a lot of longing for the impossible in it. It's really pretty depressing in the most inspiringly beautiful way.

You know you're in a particular album's mood when you catch yourself not once, not twice, but three times singing three different songs involuntarily from it, even though you haven't listened to it but once since you got back from California.

I really haven't been listening to enough Rush. I've been listening to bands that have been influenced by them (which blows my mind; has ever since I heard that Weezer, the king of emo bands, was made up of mid-80's Rush fans). So now I think I will go back to the roots.

My fever broke yesterday. I'm much better. Thank all three of you for caring. I now have sick time, too. Yay.

I'm glad we're done with that winter crap. It's so warm and lovely outside. And rainy. Such delicate, sweet rainwater, falling on my lips and eyelashes.

Prime Mover is so fantastic. It's the song that introduced me to Philosophy when I was seven. I've been in love ever since. Thank you, Mr. Neil Peart. I could cry. Everything is so beautiful right now.

Like Ambergris says, Love me.
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