January 5th, 2002


Oh, and

Mr. Bek,

I wish that I could draw like you. I wish that I had a tenth of your ability. I wish I knew about composition, or could make something sketched in pen look 3-D.

It's a good jealousy. I must thank you.
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    Ian St. Ian - Outside

Ask before you break my heart

AlbatRoss Perot
and if only the priests
could appreciate the circuit
that the Electric Jesus toured on
I know there's a way
we could find to work it
until our sweat is poured on

Severed Goddess Hand That Rocks the Cradle
In the Heat of the Night & Day
Ugly Kidd Joe Jackson Browne
Murder on the Orient Express Delivery
Time out of Mind Your Business
Jet Grind Radio Shack
Mad Season to Risk
Nintendo Entertainment System of a Down
Jimmy Eat World Runner
The Doobie Brothers in Arms
Cape Fear of Pop
Fade to Black Sabbath
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    Meat Puppets - That's How it Goes