December 23rd, 2001

Want Fries with that?

Extraordinary Men

"Here is a man who would not take it anymore."

I've been thinking lately about the so-called "extraordinary men." The men who change their environment to suit them; the gods among us who reform the world in their image. And I've decided to become one of them.

It's already begun; little things like that light that used to shine in my window... it hasn't been fixed in the week or two since I "fixed" it.

People have always called me Mr. Fixit. I just need a shovel, a sledgehammer, and a decent circular saw.

I don't think it's enough to eschew NJ Transit, and to advise friends likewise. I think I should actively engage in anti-corporate warfare with them and anyone with whose policies I do not agree. The river in the proverb flows around the large boulder it cannot move, but I think the river needs to start carrying lit dynamite downstream. What can an explosion hurt water? I'll probably start by knocking down all their bus stop signs. A pillow wrapped in some banding twine will probably muffle the sound of the sledgehammer enough. I might need to weaken the base with an acetylene torch. Good thing I'm writing all of this down.

I'm also tired of this anxiety that not having my books is causing. I'm barely able to pick up a book because I'm afraid I'll finish it too soon. I had to remind myself when I woke up (or was awakened, rather) that I still have Stranger in a Strange Land to read, once I finish The Philosopher's Stone. We had better get to the storage place before I finish Stranger, though, because the rest of my Lord of the Rings books had better be there. I am motivated to read them now, and I'm tired of not having them available. It's foolish, or insane, to be inable to read because you're agonizing about when you're going to get your next book. So when I organize my room, I am leaving space for a bookcase, a real, wooden bookcase (not like the plastic one I had last), which I will buy with my own money. I will then begin to gather my books to me and finally have them all together.

If my mother has a problem with it, I will flow around her like the river does the boulder.