December 5th, 2001

Iamb the shit.

At 8, I awoke to my downstairs neighbor's BOOM BOOM music. Joe knows of this phenomenon, as we lived next to two white kids who liked reggae a little too much and their treble a little too little.

I hate listening to other people's bass.

So now, I am listening to—no, blasting Leona Naess, as I have been for the last hour. I fight booty music with cutie music.

Next, I think, is either Metallica, KoRn, or Helmet.

I think I'll go for KoRn, and then sing along. Lounge singer style.

Because really, there is no reason to listen to dance music when you are not in a dance hall, dancing. If you do, in fact, listen to this music on your own time, recreationally, it is something of which you should be ashamed, rather than blasting it so your neighbors have to listen. And yes, it has gotten louder since I started playing my music. I hope my boy does not want to play it that way, because I have killer speakers and earplugs.


hubris, anyone?
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Hello Time Bomb!

New month means new invite codes...

Two new communities (advanced & right_now) and one old one (afrocity).

This is a community for the GAME BOY Advance run by baka and eideteker.

This is the place to go to talk about all things GBA related. New releases, accessories, modifications, whatever!

And like the GBA, advanced backwards compatible; feel free to talk about games for the original GAME BOY and the GAME BOY Color.

Right now... I am typing this bio.

Right now... someone is crying.

Right now... Cliff from Cheers is wondering where the hell the mailman is.

If you like to think about what's going on in the world where you're not, this is the community for you.

If you like to contemplate synchronicity, this is the community for you.

If you remember the Fox comedy show called, "The Edge" and their skit: "What [celebrity] is doing Right.. This.. Minute," this is the place for you.

If you were one of the millions fascinated by Van Halen's music video; if you can recite the text on the screen word for word but never bothered listening to the lyrics, then yes, you might belong here.

Funny, serious, sad, and random; there are a lot of things happening in the world, right_now.

What are you doing, right now?

Last but not least, big things have been going on in afrocity. A classic community with a classic style.
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Hello Time Bomb!

My Machine (

Vedkar: The Dell $50 rebate expired
Torak: weak
Vedkar: It's now $100
Torak: whoa
Vedkar: =D
Vedkar: Man o man
Vedkar: $1,277.00
Vedkar: That's with the 40 GB HD and no monitor
Vedkar: and 128 in it

Then I can buy some RDRAM and a trinitron monitor... I'll work on the video card later. Not a bad price for a sweet box. I plan to wipe it right out of the box (yikes! Didn't know I was supposed to do that!) so hopefully it will have none of the bugs raptorck's girlfriend has encountered.

Vedkar: Where do you recommend I buy my additional RAM?
Vedkar: So I can price it now
Torak: I myself
Torak: will always buy from:
Torak: Corsair -
Torak: Mushkin -
Torak: or Crucial -

Anyone else got suggestions?

Dell still has free shipping, right?

Update! Found a 24x CDRW for $83, including shipping. That's for a grand total of $1,261, still without monitor. By Jove, I might have my box for $1500, after all.

Things I didn't do today that I thought I would:
  • Certain e-mails (still time for that)
  • Certain phone calls
  • Any work on my domain whatsoever
  • Shower (that's now)
  • Clean up around here (well, a little, but it just got dark so fast)
  • Post my top5s
  • Get my %!%@ Harry Potter book.

    Things I did do:
  • Return to afrocity
  • Work on my newer communities
  • Price hardware
  • Plan a little of Nemo's (hypothetical) visit
  • Talk to friends
  • Catch up on lj (only to fall behind once I got re-engrossed in hardware)
  • Eat (not as obvious as you might think)
  • Feel different... ever so slightly... like today's N@ is not the same N@ as yesterday's... like a new chapter or the end of a scene has passed.
  • The view from up here


    I was waiting in the station
    in a room with a transient Haitian
    With no obvious destination
    that could be told

    It was waiting in this station
    in silent contemplation
    with this person (who was Haitian)
    that our story does unfold

    As we sat there in the station
    in our silent shared isolation
    there came from the Haitian
    the suddenest exclamation:

    "I am of the vaguest inclination
    that my every sensation
    is naught but the figmentation
    of a diseased imagination."

    The silence of the station
    was left in ruination
    in the wake of the Haitian
    and his surprised revelation.

    I was sitting in the station
    and surprised by this Haitian
    (who had taken up habitation)
    and his take on the situation

    Silence returned to the station
    and I thought about deliberation
    But instead, without hesitation
    expressed my condemnation:

    "I must question your information
    though I don't know you, Mr. Haitian
    Your words bring me preturbation
    in their declaration so bold.

    "I would ask you for the cessation
    of your intellectualization
    Though I admire your aspiration
    To existential gold.

    "One cannot see the entirety of creation
    through mere idle speculation
    Mortal ken cannot, no matter education.
    Forgive me if I scold."

    A halted tension gripped the station
    in our little room. I awaited negotiation
    silent like a tomb, regarding the Haitian
    who suddenly seemed old.
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    After I went to bed:

    Looking for my trailerpark princess
    searchin for that diamond in the rough
    wond'rin if, when I find her
    my fact'ry wages'll be enough

    That's all I got. Not so much a song as a lyrical Christmas list. =D

    Entry #1,234 - get yo woman on the floor.
    Gottagotta get up to get down...

    Man, these milestones are getting lamer and lamer.

    Speaking of lamer, isn't my next milestone 1,337?

    And now, back to bed
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