November 25th, 2001

The view from up here

A Normal Relationship

"Normal? Who ever got anywhere by being normal?" —Charles (Wallace?), the Brainchild, from the Tick

So the story goes. Boy meets girl.

BOY: Hi.

GIRL: Hey.

BOY: I like you.


BOY: Want to dance?


BOY: *hates to dance*

GIRL: *loves to dance*

BOY: This was fun. We should date.


BOY: Bye.

GIRL: C-ya, bye.

BOY: *walks home*

So the story goes.

I've never had a relationship like that. Usually, I date girls I've known for awhile and just grow to absolutely adore. I don't think I've missed much, but sometimes I wonder.

I like to hum so that my teeth vibrate.

Huh, maybe I do have broad shoulders.

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