November 20th, 2001

The view from up here

Raspberry in my head

"And on a good day, my mind is like the country...
green, wide open
A breath of Zen that's nice on the eyes,
Lonely, without a prayer."

There might be three girls I'd be willing to marry, not two.
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Want Fries with that?

Yo no quiero

I don't want a gamecube. I don't want an XBoX. Not because they're LameCube or XSuX, no. Let's say I get one.

Right off the bat, I'm out, what, $300? Then I need games, additional controllers, memory... it's overhead, man. The extra costs kill. For half that, I've already got a rockin' basic dreamcast setup. Sega's loss is my gain. I'm going to have SoulCalibur, Crazy Taxi 2, and Jet Grind Radio all by the end of the Christmas season, I'll bet; and still for less than you'd pay for half a new system. I'll have enough left over to buy an N64 with Goldeneye and probably PerfectDark.

But Dark, what about the PS2? You can play PS games on it! So? There's only one PS game I ever liked, and that was one of the baseball games, and that's only cause it was time for me and my homeslice Louis to bond. I wouldn't play it by myself. It's sad enough trying to play RBI Baseball without my 2-6 crew. They were some emmittious shitfuckers.
A gamecube cannot cuddle.

I'm still thinking about a car. Or a motorcycle, thanks to Dys and Lis. I saw a crappy Honda something ('86 Civic?) for sale, and I thought to myself, Sorry, no. I want to spend more time working on my car than driving it, but not because I have to. I really miss that; no one around here gives a fuck about their car. If it breaks, daddy will just buy a new one. Man, you'll never catch someone with their '78 Camaro up on jacks just working on it to keep it tuned. "Send it to a professional, let him rip you off, just keep me from under there with all that filthy grease!" I hate you, New Jersey. Stop gnawing away at my soul.

The Kentucky quarters are out. Fuck, I'm homesick. I haven't been homesick since I started high school. I want to put on Red Barchetta, roll down the windows, and watch the needle climb to sixty-five. None of this stop and go shit; no crossings with delays unless they're railroad crossings with a hundreds screeching Chessie cars streaming by. I want to go somewhere without a traffic report, like Erica once said. I am going to pull out my Mellencamp albums and brood a sweet brooding brood and attempt to recapture what I never really had. Ok, no; I don't need to brood. But I am planning on pulling out my Mellencamp vinyl. I would like to remember.

And if I get a bike, it will be a Harley. It will be a chopper. Fuck your Japanese speed-bikes that look cool. I'm the spectre of death. I make things look cool by association, not the other way around.
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