November 14th, 2001


Wicked awesome dreams

So I'm watching DBZ, and it makes me think of a dream I had last night. Not too much of it, but I remember chilling outdoors with sobriquet, who I haven't seen in a week, and splitting a can of Pringles.

Dammit. Now I want Pringles. And to hang out with 'quet, but Pringles first.

I am FIFTY ONE PERCENT EMO, and I'm going to cry a song about it. Because that's what emobabies do; cry songs.

The fact that I'm 55% grunge probably indicates I need a shower. Meh, soon enough.

No work today, at least.

I love Mad Stan. I need a pic of the frame in this episode of Batman Beyond where he's holding the two pistols at the camera, framing the face of the DA on the poster. That was a sweet shot.

I'm gonna watch this episode again.

BTW: Props to Toonami for airing this episode even though it has "terrorist content." Of course, now terrorism won't go away, just because they aired it, but it's that good.

Oh, good game! When Wayne goes to enhance the video footage of McGinnis killing Mad Stan, he DOESN'T have infinite resolution. Thank god. Though maybe vinz_klortho and I should register and output really pretty apps that would never work in the real world. This is something I feel Gimp and Bacon could help us on, as Elder Geeks.

Another thing! How about you click the "Don't Autoformat Entry" option if you are posting HTML test results, asshole. Nothing I love more than scrolling through pages of whitespace (hey, it adds up).

I think I might institute a content to test results ratio on my friends list. If all you post is test results, I might have to axe you. At least have the courtesy to compact them into one post, a la dysthymia.

I Mother Earth are easily the four funkiest white people to come out of Canada. The part in The Universe in You where they slip into Rush's Fountain of Lamneth just kicks ass. And that was before Edwin appeared on Alex Lifeson's Victor.

Website News - I've updated my list of CDs (still don't have my LPs listed, sorry) so that it now has an alphabetical index and hover-only underlining. I've updated my wishlist, which is off-site, but on-site, I still need other people's wishlists for me to link them. I also uploaded 27 MB of wallpaper files. If that link doesn't work, it should soon, as my noble web space administrator has told me he is on the motherfucker.

And yes, I have been editing this one entry I started at 4 AM throughout the day. It's not the first time, so check back to see what you've been missing, kids!

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Hello Time Bomb!

Here you go.

McSweetie's test is pretty much random, so I thought I'd save you the trouble of posting your own results. Here are all 24 images you can get as a result. Pick one you like, save it to disk, and keep the answer to yourself. Don't tell anyone! I'm going to try and guess which one you picked. Only not really. I just wanted you to keep it to yourself.

Severely honorable mentions on some of these; there's a LOT of them, and they're pretty obscure. Well, not really. I mean, *I* get them all. They're just fond memories.

Look, Jon! Anne likes monkeys. This is not really monkeys. Therefore Anne will not pick it. Who's that? Baka? Hello, I'm an obscure musical reference. Just like Gimp! This guy is almost Silky Smooth. Looks kinda like Magenta. WHISKY IN TEH JAR OH!!! I feel sleepy. Bring me her pillows. He looks kinda like erinbrasher. The llama ate my hair. I ate Paul's hair. Clobbering your friends page with online tests for HOW long now? Don't MAKE me bust a cap, d00d. HELO MY FUCHAR GIRLFREND~!!!@~! This Canadian once sported a fro that would put Malcolm Jamal-Warner to shame. Hey! That's SHREDDER'S line, punk biotch! I am reminded of Katelyn. Hi, Katelyn! Eat me. I am now the lead singer of the Hippos. But she sure like the bone! Who will be my emo sweater? OH MEGAMANU WA SUGOI!!!!!!! Hey, wait. She's pretty. Actually, I'm Irish, but thanks! And he's Australian...

Thank god I was there to save you from annoying me. Whew, that was a close call.
The only way to fight a meme is not to cite a meme. It's kind of like Satan; you can't fight it by using its own means; you have to use esoteric weapons like love and willful ignorance.

This is something I used to think about when there was a possibility I was going to be a priest. How would you fight Satan? You'd think maybe, just maybe, if I hit him with like, four rocket launchers and a nuke (or at least, as an 8 year old boy, you might), all at the same time, then maybe, just maybe, you could rock his ass into oblivion. But then you read up on the previous attempts, and you see that no, that doesn't even work. Not even with TWO nukes. I mean, Japan's still there.

You'd have to use... love?

Sure, okay. Love the devil. But isn't to love evil to embrace it? I always thought one of the most devastating things you could do to the devil would be to hug him. But to embrace evil; isn't that the same as embracing evil's ways? And embracing evil's ways is tantamount to adopting them. Or am I just being semantic?

Perhaps mortals just aren't meant to fight immortal, incorporeal thoughts/concepts. But I don't believe that for a second. I spend as much time fighting God as I do the devil; they're both the same to me. It's my job as the NeutralChrist. And unlike Christ or the AntiChrist, there are no hordes of followers teeming to readily do my bidding, despite already damn near infinite powers. I don't have followers. I don't have powers. Maybe a little luck. And a lot of friends.

Good friends.

Ooh, and a girl who shows me her stripey socks. Thanks, LoLo! ;)
Now I just need a girl who says it po-lice and ho-tel. Someone hook up a microphone and send me/link me to a .wav of such. I wanna hear it! Please?
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Jigen Daisuke

Baby, will you eat that thar ( snack cracker in your special outfit for me, please?

"Tears that fall from eyes... that know why."
They had to come. Today it felt like they just had to come. I have never been so happy for so long. It's like a strain on the system. A sickeningly wonderful, unmedicated strain on the system. I say unmedicated in case you're not aware that I'm not on, nor have I ever been on, any anti-D medication. I haven't even been hitting the caffeine much, except Tuesday, and that's when I felt worst. By worst, I mean least-best. So today, briefly, I cried for joy for the first time in my life.

I feel confident. Does that mean full of myself? Maybe; since I'm not good at handling it yet. But if I make wisecracks, please be sure they're just that. A few people have shown me in the past week just how well they've seen the real me, behind the journal; behind the trenchcoat and fedora; behind the music, if you will. And, no, I wouldn't have all the cool friends I do if I wasn't myself a pretty cool fellow. Yay, go me. Yay, go friends.

"I wasn't going to post about this, but..."
Wait, Dark stooping to justify his journal? Sure, I can post whatever I want here. I usually don't justify, and no, I don't take this as justification. It's self-exploration, but not an apology. I'm not sorry for what I did, and I certainly wouldn't change it, or take back the laughs that it generated. I'm acutely aware that some of you are not doing great right now, and that that will affect your sense of humor. Some of you have always thought my online persona was conceited and full of shit. I know I have; that's how I fashioned it.

"I never talked to God before tonight."
I'm not a nice guy. Or maybe I am. What I try to be is honest, and I know I fail catastrophically pretty often. I also succeed magnificently. I cut through BS like a hot knife through yo mama's adipose-laden gluteus. I say what you're thinking, with any luck, and with the courage you lack to say it. The emperor's got no clothes on, and I'm hucking ice cubes. Fuck your emperor, fuck your Gods, fuck your truth. Fuck everything, at least till I settle down and raise some kids in a respectible trailer park. "White trash? Don't call me that." I'm happy, and it's not because I'm using someone's "love" to justify my existence.

I'm in a very Voodoo Cadillac mood. If I had a car right now, I'd be cruising in it. I'd cruise right across the fucking ocean, because I can. Don't believe me? I'll go motherfucking Thor Heyerdahl on your ass, only much much farther. And with better music.

Baby, you make me wanna walk... like a camel.
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Hello Time Bomb!

New Communities

Please be warned, when you join a community now, it is automatically added to your friends list.

Are you completely goofcore over someone? Here's a community where you can just say who makes you go yay.

For the love of criminy, dontbe that guy. Jürgen Prochnow jokes aside, this is a place to gripe about people that irk you.

askme anything. Go ahead. Advice? Science? Idle speculation (like those damn oval shaped bumper stickers) Give it a shot. I know some random stuff.

wwbfd - What would bradfitz do? This community came to me in a dream, seriously. So I created it. Wild, eh?