November 12th, 2001

Hello Time Bomb!


Why yes, I do love Crazy Taxi enough that I would pay $60 to buy it and a Dreamcast just so I can play it on a 13" black and white TV.

Yes, I do.

Also got Mr. Driller, two Wonder Stuff albums, a Season to Risk album (Paul Malinkowski of Shiner's old band), AiC's Jar of Flies, Sugar's File Under Easy Listening (they didn't have Copper Blue, G), and for Tamara's benefit, Pop Will Eat Itself. =D

I spent munney. What the hell else is the point of having a job, eh?

Oh geez, I forgot to mention Mario Kart SOOPAR SIRCUT%!@!!
The view from up here

I had the strangest dream the other night...

I feel like I've awoken from one of the strangest dreams ever. It's all the stranger because when I woke up, many of the things I had in the dream had not disappeared. Since the first time I dreamed about having a Dreamcast ( yes, I dream about video game systems! :P ), it's still here after I've awakened. And unlike most dreams, I feel like I've retained some of the progress made mentally in the dream. Maybe that's because it was real.

Sure don't feel like it, though.

I like Goudie. I'm very happy that I heard their single, "Baby, Hello" on WICB in Ithaca, and then later that I found the CD on sale for $2. It hasn't disappointed! And that's the great thing about listening to smaller acts on college radio in the boondocks; when you come back to the city, it's in the bargain bin because no one knows who the heck they are.

Just bought a VMU and another controller (for my brother and some eventual SoulCalibre-ing / possible T&A DOA 2-ing) for $30 w/ shipping on Amazon. Geez, I hope that's a good price for new hardware. I rilly want to save my CT scores, and I got the controller just to save on the shipping cause I'll need it eventually. Good thing I get paid Friday!

"And now my heart beats faster..."
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Hello Time Bomb!

Click here to test how much of a sucker you are!

Yes, you are a sucker. No offense!

So what if my Tanden is weak, dude? Peter Frampton, show me the way.

Vedkar: Do you know those oval shaped stickers you sometimes see on cars?
The Robot Cat: Yeah
Vedkar: With like, D or IRL or VT on them?
The Robot Cat: Yep
Vedkar: I want one that says "LOL" so people will know I live on TEH INTARNET
The Robot Cat: What do they mean, anyway? I've mostly ignored them
Vedkar: They;re like countries or states
Vedkar: I think
Vedkar: Hence teh INTARNET ONE
Vedkar: The Ireland (IRL) one inspired that
Vedkar: heh
The Robot Cat: Ahh
The Robot Cat: See, being an Internet retard, I would have assumed "In Real Life"
The Robot Cat: Ha ha!
Vedkar: Me too!
The Robot Cat: I've mostly seen the VT ones, and thought "Vermont"
The Robot Cat: I think I've seen an NH one
The Robot Cat: But D?
Vedkar: One that says LOL and one with OMG
The Robot Cat: Denmark? Duluth?
Vedkar: Deutschland
The Robot Cat: HAH
The Robot Cat: Ahh
The Robot Cat: Putting your country on your car is for SUCKERS
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Second Coming Delayed by Recent Events

HEAVEN, SKY— The Second Coming of Jesus Christ has been postponed indefinitely, sources close to the Divine say. In a rare interview, the Savior was recently quoted as saying, "Hey, I was about to make my appearance in the greatest city in the world, but with all the shit going down lately, I just don't know, man."

This comes in light of today's crash of an American Airlines Aerobus A300 into the Rockaway section of Queens, New York, just outside the city still bearing the scars of the September 11th terrorist attack. Terrorist involvement with today's incident is still under investigation.

Regarding today's events, the Savior also was heard to remark, "Hey, man. I've got all the time in the world. I mean, I can come back whenever. In fact, I think maybe I'll kick back for another 2000 years and watch Survivor reruns. Survivor's much cooler in Heaven, because it's real."