October 26th, 2001


I'm sick.

I'm sick. I thought maybe I might, just might, get better one last time before the winter set in. But then KA-POW! I got hit with a bad one. I'll be sick most of the winter with different colds. Hopefully I'll get well just a bit in the spring before my allergies once again impede my breathing and cause nasal runniness in the summer.

I guess it's time to stock up on chicky soup! =(

Thanks to Gimp, I can peruse this site all night!
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Unsound method now with Bombast!TM

I can't un-read all the alphabet doohickey's I've read, so instead, I'll reverse the order. I'm going to take a page from Cool Miss Lady and do a free association (word or phrase) with each word when I'm done associating with each letter.

Zenyatta => Mondatta
Yttrium => Ytterbium (duh)
Xenophile => Philo
Wittgenstein => Karl
Vociferous => Loud
Ubiquitous => Unctuous

Why the hell all these big words? I have a very nerdy free associative mind, I suppose. Or perhaps I'm merely feeling loquatious and bombastic.

Tendentious => Humor
Superlative => Adjective
Requisition => For a dream
Quinine => Tablets
Persnickety => Rubber Sled

ha ha ha ... I'm so hopeless

Nazarine => Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene => "that'd be my worst sin"
Lichen => Liken

We would have also accepted "Litchenstein"

Klondike => solitaire
Jealousy => Everybody
Henrietta => Goat
Grandma => Penny
Foldger's => Crystal (meth)
Eazy => Crossroads, son
Denver => TEH LAST DYNASORE!!! (that's how it's spelled in my head)
Colorado => Hot?
Bennington => VD
Azerbaijan => Zildjan (rimshot?)

Notes in italics are as I was going down the alphabet; in parentheses are from when I went back to free associate.

HA HA HA... There is apparently an "I" in neither team nor my alphabet. Whoops!

I => I can't spell!
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