October 20th, 2001

It's funny how

time flies...

I have an eighteen year old brother today? What the hell...?

When did my life happen?

Happy birthday, Dennis.
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Roland, The Gunslinger

Sometimes, when you can't find the words...

I had several interesting conversations on AIM last night. Unfortunately, they were all at the same time, so I was unable devote my attention to any of them fully. Plus, I had a comment thang goin on with a few people. And IRC. Still, I'm reminded just how amazing the entire spectrum of my friends is. A real testament to my ability to read people; the people I choose as my friends tend to prove themselves in the end, and along the way as well. Or maybe I'm just really good at interacting with other people. Either way, I get an ego boost!

Sometimes, when you can't find the words to tell someone something, you can find the space between the words.

I hope the coupons from 9mm come. I'm buying a Game Boy Advance (arctic) this afternoon, in all likelihood. And the Zelda games. Mmm... Link.

Link is my olympic hero.

Feedback on the GBA? Games to get/avoid? Kommentzen!

There's a poll for you, circlek. Though I'm sure it's been done: koo-pon or cue-pon?
The view from up here

Putting the revel in revelation

I have my best revelations whilst spinning. Then I stop spinning, and write this poem. All you get is the poem, not the revelation. That's gone; leaving only a trace in my memories.

I have my greatest revelations while I'm spinning. Rote a son bout it. Wan hea it? Hea it go.

When I'm dizzy; spinning in infinity

all the world is open to me

—earth and air and sky and sea—

and the deepest inner mystery

I'm afraid to stop, lest it flee

I'm afraid to start and of what I'll see

How it will tenderly render me undersea

As I float detachedly

distantly immersed in me

I decompress spiritually

Nitrogen thoughts bubble and erupt in my veins

As long as I stay spinning
    I will never ever ever remain the same

    If I forsake the self, can I still keep my name?

This is my flying_blind icon.
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One of these things is not unlike the others.

I give you three items, you tell me what they have in common. Is this a ploy to have cool daily/weekly features like circlek? Maybe. It depends on how successful it is. ;)

  • Look Sharp!

  • Answer That and Stay Fashionable

  • Reservoir Dogs

    And paraphrased from AIM last night:
    Friend. Are you looking for a meaningless tryst or a lasting relationship?
    Me. Yes? I dunno . . . a lasting tryst. I've had a meaningless relationship already.

    I have a scan for y'all, remind me.
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    Thinking of a number

    Either I have days where I just think every little thing I say is hilarious, or I really do have days where my humor is just "on."

    I am having one of those days, whichever it is. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.
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    Silky Smooth; PDE

    Pimp Advanced

    Well, punk, are you?

    That's right, I went out and bought a Game Boy Advance. As you can see below from when I tried to scan a screenshot, it's Arctic White:

    It might as well be off.

    I managed to scan a few really crummy screenshots:

    I'll tell you what, Stumpy!

    I'll tell you what's to be done, Stumpy. Some SERIOUS PIMPIN'.

    On the Game Boy Advance? Pimping? How, you ask. Well, I don't know, but I want this game:

    Battery powered! For her pleasure. And hers.

    That scan?

    Uh huhhuh huh

    It's a large knife going through some dude's chest, and the dude is wearing a Metallica t-shirt. That shirt should probably say StainD, not Metallica. But hey, let's not point fingers. No one band killed metal. David Lee Roth helped, though.
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