October 18th, 2001

Jigen Daisuke

I hate that AIM pops up.

I really do. There's no way to disable that, is there?

Usually, it happens when I am typing and my first instinct is to hit Esc.ape to close the window so I can keep talking. I lose more messages that way.

I bet you people think I'm a real asshole for not responding. Sorry, I'm just doing what I gotta do. It's so hard to put a thought on hold, and even harder to get it back midsentence later on.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

No friend to myself

I am the voice that whispers in my ear
in tranquil moments that danger is near

There's a song in there, maybe.

Y'all are like, nooooooo! not ANOTHER one! (=

This was spawned by a line of thought:
Think for just a moment that all the people IM'ing you are doing it for a reason. Whether they actually enjoy your company or just expect to get something from you; either way, they want something from you. That means you have something worthwhile to give, at least in their minds. A little measure of self-worth from your own damn psyche.
We need to remind ourselves the obvious.

And yes, I lecture myself in my head. No, it's not my mother's voice or my father's (though I know I outwardly sound like my father these days), whatever that says about my upbringing. I think it says a lot; that I am my own moral compass, and I always point True North.

The moral? Don't think, "What do these people want from me?!!" Think: "Hey, these people WANT something from me."
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Everything I do

Everything I do is cute.

Initially, this was in the kind of "oh, isn't he a darling little thing!"

Then I got older, and cute was a bad thing, because it meant I was very sarcastic and successfully undermining my so-called superiors.

Now, it's still sarcastic, but that's cute and all right because the adults are my peers. Of course, it's still as long as it's not a direct contravention of their authority or personally demeaning to them.

Just an observation. That is what you people keep coming here for, right?

Quote of the lunch break:
"I do what my CD player tells me."
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Silky Smooth; PDE


Them's some sexy ladies on AIM. I don't want to go back to work. ;)

Thanks youse guys for making my lunch break a real break and not just a time when I am not at work (but very tense cause I have to go back soon and booooy do I feel like a runon sentence right now in every sense of the phrase).
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