October 17th, 2001


Hello, I've waited here for you...

Could anything ever be this real forever?
Can anything ever be this real again?

Going to bed. I'm off tomorrow and it's only midnight, but I'm going to bed. Man, that sucks hard. Even worse than going to see Burning Airlines alone. Cause hey, I'll at least be seeing BA. =\

Maybe I will dream tonight. Maybe I will Hum tomorrow. And maybe Burning Airlines will play their cover of Echo & the Bunnymen's "Back of Love" that I have stuck in my head.

What are some of your maybes?
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From the NYC Renaissance Festival:


See me here with an $1800 Wolverine claw that some fellow made. The talons are double-edged, and forged from cryo-treated titanium steel; the kind that gets sharp and stays sharp. Very lightweight, very easy to use.

There's nothing more to say. The picture says it all, I think.

I will buy it if I have $1800 lying around by Christmas. I still have his flyer, with all his contact info.

Ever the self-centered bastard, I forgot to credit penchantnyc for the pic!
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I had no intention of writing this song; Emily Made Me

An original song; one that makes me wish I knew an instrument, because it feels really good.

Rest assured, I really didn't want to
But she made
listen to her songs
Rest assured, I really didn't mean to
But she made
start to sing along

I had no need to
buy the same CDs
she's always playing them
and they're not free
What I used to like
I can't remember
Forgot the words to
Collective Soul's "December"

Maybe I'm lame and
maybe she's right
maybe she saved my
music soul tonight
But all I know is
Emily made me

Rest assured, I never really planned it
But she made me
sing "Dammit! Janet!"
Rest assured, it wasn't my part
But she made me
her own special sweetheart

I never used to think
Top 40 was crap
Occasionally I'd listen to
a little bit of rap
But she changed that
Oh, how she'd harp
She'd always say, "Nat,
You really need to Look Sharp!"

Now I'm in an emo band
And she's still my biggest fan
It's all her fault
Emily made me

Really good.
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Silky Smooth; PDE

Days off into the sunset

has the strongest laughter

Protectin tha hood, we see a young Silky out on patrol. There's flow in his pockets, h0s on his mind, and a song in his heart, and that song be:

Spittin rhymes
he's out and on the move
fightin (non-pimpin) crimes
it be Silky Smooth

Yes, the smiley face is on the back of the "EVIL" hat, seen most recently here. (Dark Smile, get it?)

Thank you, lady miss p.

I took the liberty of uploading a google cache of Hum lyrics to my own webspace to celebrate me finally getting my CD.

The Scientists reminds me of Smanda. Before I even had the CD, the title made me think of her.
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-=[ s o a p b o x ]=-

It's entirely possible to have friends whose journal you can't stand to read.

When your favorite musician comes out with a book, are you a bad person if you don't like how they express themselves in prose?

I don't think so. Relish the things about them that you can appreciate.

-=[ s o a p b o x ]=-
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