October 16th, 2001


Warden and Judge

I don't like this "poem" and I kinda do. Publishing it anyway; you're warned.

the gutter strike and jettison
a feather dance to heaven
ballerina twirl and rise
the coming fire can theorize

inside an endscape with no shape
fish screams only can escape
in the sky we rain like molten sand
only to find no beginning at the end

a rose is split by lightning's arc
lover's grasp is worn by art
rent and faded left untenanted
a wait unfettered by heavy head

all shunted to quiet intensity
a silent fury pulls heavy gees
maneuvering with mannequin grip
tragically fragile like transient hip

impermanent grasp on machine gun eyes
the coming fire can theorize
and sanctity's trembling dance
whitening heightening of the pants

no answer found this hill
or mountainous slowing downy will
duck the goose, fight with fire
the coming rain will dare conspire
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