October 7th, 2001

Economy of Sound

I am fucking eclectic, and I support the flagging economy by buying music at insanely low prices (got Ednaswap for fohtty-nie cent and eighteen cent. That's barely two quarters, even with tax!).

  • Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
  • Dangerman
  • Ednaswap - Wonderland Park (the uneducated will recognize Ednaswap by their song "Torn", later recorded by Natalie Imbruglia. The educated with say, "Natalie who?")
  • STP - Purple
  • Meat Puppets - Golden Lies - Check out that URL! The last three letters are WAU! Anabukin-chan approves!
  • Fishbone - Reality of My Surroundings - "My pusher, who art in the crackh0use, hallowed be thy bitches and h0s..."
  • At the Drive-in - in/CASINO/OUT (the $8 I paid for this far outstrips the other albums, only four of which I paid $5 for (not even the Jimmy Eat World; that was FO FITTY!) (an eighteen cent), but I rillllly wanted it)
  • ELP - Tarkus (now I own it on CD so I don't wear out the vinyl LP)
  • Songs in the Key of X (featuring my fave-o-rite Nick Cave song (so much so I made it a Halloween costume) and of course, Down in the Park, which I'd just been talking about this morning... I found all these albums that had been in my head; J.E.W., AtDi, Fishbone, just by sheer coincidence and those odd magical powers I have in the realm of anything musical)
  • Caviar
  • Rustic Overtones - iViva Nueva!

    That is everything I bought, in the order I picked it up. I didn't buy Leona Naess' new album, only because I haven't heard anything off of it. I'm sure I'd love it, but it was $8, and I didn't feel like spending THAT much money. I spent under $50 for 11 albums, and at a mean cost of about $4.25 an album, that meets with my cheap-ass "bargain hunter" pride's established limits.

    I walked down... all the way down to below Chambers street. Whereas you once couldn't help but see the towers once you got below Canal St., as Chrissy said in a comment to jish; you now can't help but smell them. The hole where you could see the sky was kind of odd, and overall, what I could see of the remaining skeletons was so unimpressive as to be almost a let-down. Were those tiny bases really all that held up those two towers?

    Were you there to watch the earth be scorched?
    Did you stand beside the spectral torch?

    Every blade is sharp; the arrows fly
    Cross the field where the bodies lie
    Were the blades of grass and arrows rain
    Then there'd be no sorrow; be no pain

    Tarkus is good anti-war music. Listen to it today, if possible.

    Oh, and there is a one question difference that determines if I am Roy Batty or R2D2, and that is contingent on whether I value life. I think I like Roy better, though, because he was played by RUTGER HAUER... Omega Doom / Blind Fury himself!

    Rutger Hauer is so cool. Note to self: read book, watch movie.


    Read other book?

    no, you can't get the best of us now.
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    lord, From this chair of mine...

    We can be heroes, pt. 1001001

    I found this yesterday... one of the first comics I ever bought.

    The man himself

    I've always liked the bad guys... when it turned out that they weren't evil so much as independent. Destro's a man of honor, as he shows himself in this issue. Plus, he's a badass. An incomparable badass.

    I think I can safely add him to my list of childhood heroes, along with David Byrne and Larvell "Motormouth" Jones... that is, if I want to be eclectic.


    Who the fuck?

    Who is this? I don't remember him at all. What were his powers?

    I think it's kinda sad the way they make any person born with physical abnormalities (a mutant) into a superpowered person. Meanwhile, in real life, what do those with real genetic abnormalities get? Gee, Corky Thatcher, your mutant power is mongolism. Use it responsibly, now!
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