October 6th, 2001

Hello, Saturday Morning.

How the fuck are you?

Me, I'm good ("Me, I got crew; kids seven and incressin"). I got cartoons on, songs in my heart and head and possibly even soul but definitely ears (speaking of headphones, I still need Björk's Post). I've already talked to three really great friends. Sure, my brother is still sleeping, so I can't really hear cartoons or crank my music, but hey. Things are still meat-o-keen on whole suh-wheat bread.

For some reason, I feel really loved today, like I've been embraced by something subtly intangible ("almost imperceptible / something inexpressible") on a wholly other level, in a very real and pervasive sense. Does that make sense to anyone? I dunno, but it shore was purty to write.

Feel so good I feel so fine
Lovely little lady always on my mind...

Someone to love me; you know, she makes me feel alright
Someone to need me, love me every single day

I feel so happy since I met that girl
when we're makin love it's something outta this world
it's good to know that she's all mine
Gonna love that woman till the end of time

Someone to live for; love me till the end of time
Makes me feel happy; good to know that she's all mine

I like some Sabbath in the moooooorning! Good music makes for a good mood. I still want to go into thecity; is anyone interested? I need to go back, while I'm feeling good. The resulting downer won't be too bad if I'm this up, I hope. It all depends on whether I'm a cup or a rubber band. If I'm a cup, right now I'm full of water. Pour some out, and there will still be some left. Pour some more, and there will be less. But if I'm a rubber band, I'm stretched all the way in one direction. Stretch me more, and I will just fly further in the other direction when let go.

Go listen to Cat Steven's Peace Train. "I've been smiling lately; thinking about the good things to come." *clapclap* *clapclap*

Failing that, I have only one request of you today. Dance, just once, for me. If you have to go into the bathroom or somewhere where no one can see you because you're ashamed, go ahead. But prithee, good sire or madam, have but one goofy smile on me.
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The view from up here

8th St. and 4th Ave. (?)

You know where the Cube is in Greenwich Village? I'll be there (hopefully) 7-7:15pm tonight. Meet me if you want to. Gray hoodie, black hat that says "EVIL" just in case you forget what I look like/are a complete and total stranger looking to kill me.

I know I will be there all by my lonesome, though. Aww, poor me.
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