October 2nd, 2001

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8...

Wil Smith's cabbie had a license plate that said FRESH, and dice in the mirror. He went on to become the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Considering that my cabbie tonight was a straight outta da fifties greaser/mechanic, complete with Steve Perry mullet (pomaded on the side) and moustache, what does that portend for me?

The OL XY18A Prince of North Joisey?

Feh, it's a living....
slowly dying.
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    Verve Pipe - Drive You Mild

I'd like your hair long and ladeled to the ground, but you'd prefer an astronaut.

I want someone who will sing to me. You don't need to have a nice voice.

Just something I can close my eyes and fall into...

I can hardly wait for my stars to fall in line
and synchronize and shine...

Too much Hum makes my mind starry and distant. Interesting how the music makes me long for a physical touch... most specifically a lap to rest my head in, fingers brushing my hair and face, song drifting down from parted lips curled slightly in a smile belying the connection we share on levels beyond...

if she don't hold me right, she's never gonna get me there
not tonight

if we break off gently in slow motion, spinning outward into space
my hand always floating gently at the wheel while you sweetly hold my face
and i need you to give it meaning, i need you to share the view
or it becomes a time for me to love myself like every other thing i do
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    Hum - I'd Like Your Hair Long / I Hate It, Too

I'd like your face gone and in its place the sun, and I would be an astronaut.

I just talked to Tom for hours. You can tell a friend because they will call you, and time will lose all meaning.

That felt really good. Tom has really opened up in the past year, and it shows in the light way we conversed. Tom's always been a good friend, but sometimes it's nice to get a reminder. If we take our friends for granted, it means that we have failed them.
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