September 30th, 2001



I think all the posts made since Friday morning will have to just eat it. Sorry I didn't read them but I got narcolepsy. Then...

what the fuck happened last night? I don't even remember. And no, I wasn't drinking.

Today? I am staring at the words but they make no sense.

Why do I feelaskfalskfal

I wanted to write about the fun I had today, but meh. Penchant and NTang were cool dudes, as was Will (?), and a few of the nice girls I met at the fair. NTang's son was quite darling, and he reminded me much of me.

Maid Marion looked like Katy with Becca's bangs. aka CUTE! ;)

Love you guys all. Not in a talking mood. I need someone to hold me and read my mind.

And feed me chicken soup. I was outside in rain all day today. Cold rain. It's not even November.

Look, I managed to start rambling. Not coherent thought, but hey. You people pay me for my volume, on a per-word basis, like Dickens, right?
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The Emptiness of Time

I want kids. :(

I taught Nick's son to parry today.

I would be an excellent dad. Course. A dad slow on the driveway on Wednesday. Course, today's Sunday.

Yeah. Definitely.

In the fullness of time?
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