September 23rd, 2001

Grrr!, Dammit!


I had to fake going to sleep to get you motherfuckers to post anything at all.

Why am I still up? I was watching (surprise) another movie: The Pornographer. It looked like a kind of goofy bittersweet guy-who-can't-get-laid movie, perfect for me.


Holy shit did that movie just fuck me up. See it. Or don't. I don't give a shit.

Wow. I don't think it would have fucked me up as bad if the female lead hadn't reminded me of today's birthday girl so much. She was the same sort of cute; a little awkward but very pretty (the pains of writing a journal entry about someone who's going to read it! Oy!).

Wow. Fuck. That was a fucking SEVERE movie. Severely what? Fuck you. If kids can use extreme as an adjective these days, I can use severe the same way.

It was a good movie, and a bad movie. Does that make sense? Emotionally wrenching like a motherfucker. Shit. It wasn't supposed to be a dark movie. Jesus... just machine gun all the carebears to death or something.

And now I've ruined the movie for you. Oh, like you were gonna watch it anyway.
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The view from up here

I was shocked out of sleep with the beginning of this:

I wanna be a writer
I wanna write you a song
I wanna play guitar
while you sing along
I want the words to feel right
instead of being wrong
I wanna say the things
I've been feeling all along

I want to let you know
just what you mean to me
I want you to see yourself
the way only I can see
I want to show you
just how lovely you can be
I don't want to hold you;
I want you set free

originally to the tune of Still, You Turn Me on, I think
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She's Actual Size! (

Go earth and stuff!

Happy Birthday, Smanda! Everybody's favorite little girl from a small town living in the big city is just a bit bigger today! And gee, aren't I clever?

Happy happies to maeincarnate, too. I haven't known her long enough to draw something apropos.

Whee! It's birthdays a-go-go in the DC area!

Drawn by hand in pencil, inked by likewise in pen, scanned in Photoshop.
Modelled on those doll thingies that tribble has been posting and that you see everywhere.
Possibly the prettiest thing I've ever drawn, but look who I was basing it on! ;)
That makes it easy.
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Roland, The Gunslinger

Raising Arizona (!)

Definitely in the Top 10 movies ever made. Better than Citizen Kane by a narrow margin; mostly the virtue of being contemporary (to me).
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lord, From this chair of mine...


A lot of things are frustrating me right now... not being able to finish writing this is just the latest on the heap of things that I want to do.

I am afraid whatever I add will detract from its simple beauty, but it feels incomplete.

On the upside, it feels really good to draw again. And now the things I'm drawing are looking halfway decent! At least, I think. Y'all haven't seen 99% of the stuff I drew growing up. Although I was proud of J.J. Bond and Samurai Smoke Detector. Damn, they kicked ass.

Feh, I will cave in to the whole "Radiohead is cool" craze that I don't understand and blame it on the Black Star.
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Quoth the bram:

"One of the most rewarding points of a relationship is when you're just becoming interested, just learning about the other person--it's like doing research and just getting new data. You see the person from different sides, each time gaining illumination on the other facets."
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Grrr!, Dammit!

So I went for a drive...

Nothing fancy, just a grocery run; milk and juice and things (Kool-aid among them). The first song that plays when I turn on the radio? Guess!

Boy oh boy. I also got a "Magic Carpet Ride" out of the trip. Who remembers Lyz? The fashion designer who I actually managed to charm, back in the days when I was still a pimp-in-training. Ah, memories. And songs that remind me of girls...

Through it all, I've remained extremely cool, I like to think. I've never really gone psycho on anyone or 'stalked'; everything's been fun. I look forward to more in the future. It's gonna get better. I'm just in a funk.

Maybe tonight I can sleep it off. I have to go to work tomorrow and become a Well-Respected Man.

The song on the radio on my way home? Incubus' Drive... Soon, I'll have my own car, yes I will. And my change at the grocery store? $3.17.

Everything's gonna be a-okay.
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