September 20th, 2001


Maybe it's bad, but Captain America is a more patriotic symbol to me than the colors he wears. Maybe I can just better get behind the idea of someone who's noble and who fights than a rag that's sewn together just so.

Now is the time to invest in the Dow... it's below 10,000, but it's on its way to recovery.

I stole my mom's color TV for the week.

I liked Cruel Intentions II. I wasn't really into the first one.

I'm now watching The Haunting, for which I just HAD to steal my mom's TV. I need the color to admire the scenery. *swoon*
Also good for the fact that Owen Wilson plays Luke. But I basically watch the movie for the eye candy.

Man, I wanna watch Bottle Rocket now.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Power Windows (

Eyes hide the smile
I'm fainting from denial
My sighs are enterprising
But my feelings; they're not comprising

Insufficient output
All this nonsense coming in
You pessimistic outlook
Isn't gonna win

I sit and stare and soak it up
And never say a thing
I can feel the road getting rough
I'm wishing I had wings

Apple Jacks and Sugar Smacks
Whatever they tell me to buy
And I laugh at their wisecracks
And sob when I'm told to cry

The best way I've found to escape
Is to never leave the home
All praise to the cathode rays
Just leave my life alone
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In A.D. 2001...

<Aku> What the hell is that shit?
[20:00] <birdh0use> operation one termer
[20:00] <m00t> wtf?
[20:00] <kafka> haha
[20:01] <birdh0use> well I am happy that people who were so blast them last week.. are now lets keep our heads cool
[20:01] <birdh0use> heh
<Aku> They should have at least called it Operation Great Justice if Bush is looking for the geek vote
[20:01] <birdh0use> *reads homework*
<Aku> "infinite"
[20:01] <birdh0use> haha
[20:01] <Kafka> Operation My Writers Are Running Out of Clichès
[20:01] <birdh0use> heh
[20:02] <Kafka> so I guess that means we're going to continuously at war
<Aku> FOREVER!!@!
[20:02] <Kafka> even after we've stopped terrorism
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