September 11th, 2001

I had a dream.

There was a fire drill. Everyone in the dorm filed out into the street, carrying whatever they had with them. Mikey, a likeable athletic guy had a bat and some balls. To keep everyone amused, he was having a li'l solo home run derby. He did a good job of not hitting any buildings or anything, for the most part. But then he hit a low-flying cardinal and it fell and crashed into a window on a nearby building, then bounced off and landed.

"Geez, Mike! You could have killed it! And how often do you see cardinals this far north?" N@ screamed.

Mikey felt kinda ashamed, but then the cardinal got up and shook off the cobwebs. It strutted over to the students and looked up at N@. N@ didn't look at it, not wanting to make a challenging eye contact. Or was that dogs?

Whatever it was, the bird didn't like it, because it started to scratch and claw at N@. He grabbed the bat and beat the bird unconscious.

Everyone stared at him, shocked. "What happened to not hurting the cardinal?"

Catching his breath, N@ said, "Yeah, but that was just being an asshole."

Okay so maybe I didn't dream the actual attack because my alarm woke me up, but I knew what was coming. Extract morals if you dare.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

"Have you ever been to Chicago? Well, I haven't."

Twentifive or Six to Four?




I smell terrorism. Or REALLY REALLY bad flying. I'm going outside for my interview and to watch the smoke.


Chris, Max: What's up?
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Y'know, I'm not into predicting the future...

If the first plane was red near the cockpit...

The building that the bird in my dream crashed into WAS a skyscraper. I was wondering why my dorm was downtown...

Bird with red crest smashing into skyscraper...


Geez... it's kinda spooky. I am going to chalk it up to coincidence. Besides, what good is knowing the future 20 mins ahead of time when it's something like a plane?

Kinda gives creedence to the whole 'precognizance about getting on doomed airplanes' thing that Stephen King wrote about in the Stand.

Conspiracy thingie: I wonder if the President knew about this. Someone asked him if he knew and he declined to comment. He was awful quick to call it a terrorist attack. I mean, so was I, but I'm not speaking for anyone but me. He promised swift vengeance... this could be a CLEVER RUSE to resucitate the war industry.


Looking at the 2nd plane footage, it was swooping IN to the tower. If it had gone straight, it would have missed. And one of the planes was from Boston. They impacted on the SOUTH SIDE. So... yeah. Terrorists. Whoo!

Why can't we all just get the FUCK along? If something's going down, TELL us about it. Don't go killin people. Unless it's for the good of the ECONOMY! YEEEE-HAW!

Bridge is closed. I think I can still take out books without my library card, though.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

(no subject)

Crash a plane into me once, shame on you.
Crash a plane into me twice, shame on me.
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Life During Wartime

Chris is okay. A shitload of the building just fell off.

[09:43:30] <Dark> Jesus Fucking Christ.
[09:43:39] <Dark> Life During Wartime
[09:44:02] <Lars> wow
[09:44:05] <Lars> Pentagon on fire
[09:44:07] <Lars> sweet jesus
[09:44:12] <Lars> GET ME A GUN
[09:55:23] <Dark> YES
[09:55:31] <Dark> At first I was like
[09:55:32] <Dark> ooh
[09:55:35] <Dark> a plane crash
[09:55:38] <Dark> that's wacky
[09:55:42] <Dark> Now I'm pissed off
[09:55:44] <Dark> It's like
[09:55:46] <Dark> THE FUCK
[09:55:48] <Lars> They just evacuated the white house
[09:55:53] <Dark> You got a problem, you talk to me
[09:56:08] <Dark> You don't fucking kill my family and friends
[09:56:17] <Dark> This ain't terrorism
[09:56:21] <Dark> This is drunk redneck shit
[09:56:33] <Dark> This is a fucking barfight
[09:56:47] <Dark> A *dirty* bar fight

Why stay in college? Why go to night school? Gonna be different this time.

My mom was going to go to California tomorrow.

And I was so uncharacteristically shaken when that bird hit that glass skyscraper. All I could say was "Oh. My. God." Over and over. Maybe I am precognizant.

And yet... I'm remembering yesterday's story. At LEAST they didn't hit the Empire State Building. That's a piece of history. *shrug*

Emotional shut down? "Maybe."
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lord, From this chair of mine...


If we burn our wings
Flying too close to the sun
If the moment of glory
Is over before it's begun
If the dream is won—
Though everything is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost

When the dust has cleared
And victory denied
A summit too lofty
River a little too wide
If we keep our pride—
Though paradise is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost

And if the music stops

There's only the sound of the rain
All the hope and glory
All the sacrifice in vain
And if love remains
Though everything is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost
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Grrr!, Dammit!

(no subject)

And I was thinking, at first... we should deny terrorist attack... make them mad. They're like children begging for attention.

As both towers have collapsed...

No. This was an act of evil.

I never did get to go to the observation deck. I feel sad, because I told Joe and Katy, eh, we can go up on the Empire State Building another time. What if they had hit the empire state building? I took it for granted.


Lady Liberty still stands tall. I'm about to shed tears, but I'm not lying down. I am punching shit. Excuse my testosterone, but someone has just brought MAJOR shit down on my tribal territory.

Now I get to go outside
and look out
and see
those towers


How will I recognize New York?

At that point, I will probably lose it.


lookit the boats all streaming away from the city.

And all the debris is blowing south. Without news programs, I wouldn't know anything was up. The sky here is clear. No clouds. A peculiar sparkling, if I look hard enough.

"Why does it happen? Because it happens; roll the bones."

Once again, catastrophe leaves me untouched. My mom can't take her long-deserved vacation. I bet she can't get that time off back, too. But me? I still have an interview this afternoon. I still get to iron my GFUCKING clothes and dress all in a suit and a tie....

I'm a winner. I'm fucking untouchable.
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(no subject)

I'm not a patriot, but this is like fucking with my friends.

No, it IS fucking with my friends.

If I see ONE of my Palestinian neighbors celebrating, I think I will stab them.

I'm not rascist. I just feel like lashing out. Excuse my testosterone again.

(no subject)

And in my angsty teenage days, I contemplated taking over a local airfield and doing just this...

The interview is still on.

And I see... BLUE SKIES... through the tears (pain?) in my eyes.

And I realize... I'm going home.

My grammy's phone is out. She lives uptown... but there's no telling if she was downtown.

A plane went down near Pitt..

And now I can't contact my dad...

Shit. I know he's safe, but that on top of NOT knowing if his mother is safe...

It's a bit much.

I hope you are all finding my journal very compelling. Welcome to emotional content from Dark. I know it's new.
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[11:55:30] <Dark> I don't know where my grammy is
[11:55:35] <Dark> I don't know where my daddy is
[11:55:47] <Dark> and now my brother told me he tried to call my mom and there was no answer
[11:55:48] <Dark> so
[11:55:51] <Dark> I'm cryng
[11:55:52] <Dark> finally
[11:55:53] <Dark> later
[11:55:56] *** Disconnected

So what should I say?

Looks like I have a job.

Looks like a big mess downtown... I made my mom drive up the hill so we could see.

I want to help. I should give blood.

I probably won't.

We almost picked up a hitchhiker, but he decided we weren't going his way.

People in suits everywhere, fleeing the city.

On your outbound Hudson River crossings, expect delays of three or more hours.

That's how long it took that dude.

No word from Grammy or Daddy. They're okay, of course.
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[15:23] <m00t> remmy: quoting prophecy is pointless because the attacks were designed to fit the prophecy. it's self-fulfilling.
[15:23] <m00t> the point is that it's scary. they're trying to make us afraid to live.
[15:23] <RJ11> m00t: yeah, I know
[15:23] <m00t> and they're not suceeding. they're just pissing us right the hell off

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The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams.
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams.
When every man is torn apart
With nightmares and with dreams,
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
As silence drowns the screams?

Between the iron gates of fate
The seeds of time were sown,
And watered by the deeds of those
Who know and who are known;
Knowledge is a deadly friend
When no one sets the rules.
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools.

will be my epitaph.
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh.
But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying,
Yes, I fear tomorrow I'll be crying.
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