September 9th, 2001

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Rock of Ages

Watched VH-1's hair band retrospective today. Disappointing, as usual. Extreme was #39, and Queensrÿche didn't even make the list. But it (along with the fact that I got my turntable set up) convinced me to pull out this album, and Oh shit, I forgot just how hard it rocks. I'm not hardcore into hair bands, but I can sure go for some arena rock anthems/power ballads now and again. The thing is, I was just thinking about hair bands and the whole WE'RE HARDCORE but look we're sensitive here's a "ballad". All the hair bands were really wusses, we know now. *sigh* Even Motley Crue had ballads.

Who did they think they were f-f-foo-foolin?

Coincidentally; this was a good book.
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Grrr!, Dammit!


I can't sleep and dance at the same time! I'm on a lower bunk, so I keep bonking my noggin or my elbow or what have you.

Male Model! That means Leave You Behind is next! YAYAYAY!!!
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Grrr!, Dammit!


aldrich42: I love that SK album
Vedkar: <3
aldrich42: whoa, that's a heart!
Vedkar: Yes
Vedkar: I *heart* it
aldrich42: indeed
Vedkar: VINYL
Vedkar: That's like
aldrich42: dude, you're hardcore
Vedkar: 10, 15 pts. of indie cred straight up
Vedkar: :-D
aldrich42: vinyl is cool and all, but if I can't listen to it in my car, I can do without.
aldrich42: then again, I'm not that indie
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: You make tapes
Vedkar: But yeah
aldrich42: er, dude, no
Vedkar: I want the CDs
Vedkar: But it was like
Vedkar: hmm
aldrich42: cassettes have no place in my music
Vedkar: 9.99 for the CD
Vedkar: or
Vedkar: I could get the LP and be cool for the same price
aldrich42: oh man
aldrich42: buying cool.
Vedkar: I wouldn't be a poser if I hadn't gone for the vinyl
aldrich42: indeed
Vedkar: Seriously
Vedkar: When I opened the sleeve on the train, there was a little pouch of indie fairy dust inside
Vedkar: I sprinkled it on myself
Vedkar: Now I have street cred
Vedkar: :-D
aldrich42: can you not buy new jeans now?
Vedkar: =-O
Vedkar: I didn't think of that!
Vedkar: I hadn't tried!
aldrich42: dude, you are fux0red
Vedkar: oh shit
aldrich42: yup
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Roland, The Gunslinger

Smokeys in the Okeefenokee

Smokey and the Bandit is on. This music is 'bout the only country (other than trailer) that I'll listen to.

Maaaaan this movie makes me want to have a car and go driiiiiiiiiving.

I wanna drive forever. Just wander all over.
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