September 3rd, 2001

Sink your teeth in.

I wrote this a year or two ago. It's pure pulp, and it stars myself and Joe. Don't hold it against me; it's not among my more serious works.

Why am I posting it NOW? Well, I just found it.

Comments if you got 'em, but don't suck my dick. At least, not metaphorically. I don't mind criticism, but I don't need to be coddled. ;)

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Hey Brock!

Friends of friends

Vedkar: I haven't read it in years
Vedkar: So I don't know how good it is
Jen: ok, i'll check it out...
Jen: sounds good so far:-)
Vedkar: Umm
Vedkar: You're an English major
Vedkar: Is "savorily" a word?
Jen: i don't think so....
Jen: interesting....
Jen: did you just write this for kicks?
Vedkar: Yes
Vedkar: Based on a dream
Jen: cool
Vedkar: Heh
Vedkar: Am I a freak if I think of myself as "Dark"?
Vedkar: Cause that's how it was in the dream
Jen: no, you're not a freak
Vedkar: Whoo!
Vedkar: I am going to post that in my lj
Jen: what, that you're not a freak?
Vedkar: Yeah
Jen: do most people think you are?
Vedkar: People tend to say I'm on crack
Jen: you are, aren't you;-)
Jen: no, i've known far odder folks
Vedkar: No...
Jen: i was teasing...
Vedkar: :'(
Vedkar: I like that I called Thomas Aquinas a fatass
Jen: tres amusing
Vedkar: Did you finish it?
Vedkar: I'm a slow reader
Jen: yes, very entertaining
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