August 29th, 2001

Stuff for me

In the spirit of capitalism, I've started an Wish List. Go me. Of course, this list is for me; things I want with the money I get from a theoretical job. So, yay, motivation.

What I'm looking for from the crowd are not gifts; I'm looking for suggestions on stuff to add.

Ooh, like the Goonies DVD. Good idea, N@.

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So I talked to Michelle...

Neither of us said much. She told me Jamie had gone back to Vermont when I asked her, but then when I asked her when he was moving in, s h e h u n g u p.

and now
she isn't answering


She's still not ready to talk? Well, I am.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

So I talked to Michelle again...

I called her at work. Fuck me for being sneaky.

I asked her to come on-line to talk. She said okay...

I miss her. There's no getting around that. I don't care what we talk about, as long as we're talking. Whatever needs to be said will be said whenever. I hope she's online whenever I get back on tonight. Or tomorrow. I can wait, as long as I know it's coming.

Once again, sorry for taking it to lj, but I got nowhere else to go, and people are curious/worried about her.

It has been a day of things. Many bad things. My SNES was not there when I went to play it (or the NES); they're in storage. Well, shit.

I got a phone message from Becca, she's coming to visit (yay!) so is my dad (eh) and I heard from Vanessa... yes, Vanessa (for those of you who know her). Hopefully, I'll get to hang out with her. I'm DEFINITELY going to see Becca; it's been forever. I'll try to see Vanessa (along with the Reverend Dave and Erica) this weekend, or the next, if it comes to it.
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