August 20th, 2001


Okay, sure, maybe they belong to a married woman. But hey, it's work! ;)

What did YOU think I meant?

I was talking to some tarot lady who was at the fair today and I told her I was trying to break into the business. She told me there were some good schools where I could get certified in Stroudsburgh, PA. I was like... okay. She was like, but maybe you can work for me. I was like... oooh! Apprenticeship? and she was all like... Handing out flyers! Whatever.. it's money on the weekend, so I can still have a regular weekly job... if I find one. So tired.

Job hunt begins tomorrow. I should be sleeping, but I'm glad I stayed up. I talked to Michelle and all sorts of stuff. That was cool. She apparently lost her internet access, so she can't talk to me regularly. So she's gonna call me tomorrow morning. I don't know how we will survive without internet access together. *sigh*

Not much else to report... that last bit sums it all up. We both can't really afford a long-distance phone bill. Maybe we need to wait until we are both on our feet soundly. Gah, I really hate to say that, but I can't take this missing her.
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Surprise, surprise. No call from Michelle.

Oh, well, there are no excuses this time. Michelle, when you get back online (go to the library after work or something!), I'll be around. I don't know that I'm gonna put up with this anymore, though, dear. Just because I will love you forever doesn't mean I can take too much.

I hope we can still be friends. If not, it makes me wonder what exactly it was that we had. :\

I hope so... I've told her, no matter what, I'd still love her. Heck, she could stab my mom and I would forgive her. I know she has her reasons. I just wish she would tell me what they are. I just need truth. There's nothing else I want more. Saying you will call me/wake up to talk to me/talk to me tomorrow and then not... that's not my idea of truth. And no, it's not just that.
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Weight watcherZ

Vedkar: I gave up eating for New Years
Vedkar: actually
Vedkar: hang on
Vedkar: I am probably down to 175 lbs
jprich69: how tall are you
Vedkar: 6'
Vedkar: Heh... 5' 12"
Vedkar: I don't think I ever actually passed 11 and 31/32 inches
Vedkar: Pissed me off to all hell
Vedkar: cause I was like
Vedkar: 5-11 and 1/4
Vedkar: then 3/4
Vedkar: then like 7/8
jprich69: what ever man you are 6...i dont do all those halfs and quarters and stuff
Vedkar: So I just fucking say 6
Vedkar: Like how I'm too old for 1/2 birthdays
jprich69: BAYsicly
Vedkar: Shit, dude
Vedkar: My mom has a digital scale
Vedkar: past two days I have lost 5 lbs
jprich69: why are you trying to loose weight?
you dont look big in your pictures
Vedkar: I am
jprich69: sheit
Vedkar: I have a gut
Vedkar: I'm broad shouldered, but my build is still kinda lanky
Vedkar: I am NOT trying to drop that much weight though
Vedkar: 160 or less would be dangerous
Vedkar: That's depression weight loss
Vedkar: But
Vedkar: At least I am not eating to drown my sorrow
Vedkar: I almost look pretty good
Vedkar: Now, I don't want to get GAUNT
Vedkar: Cause chicks will be like
Vedkar: Girls like me a little chunky
jprich69: well forget you man
im 6 ft and 160 =p
with broad shoulders and i dont look unhealthy you punk =p
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
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Well well well!

Well well well, My Michelle!

Ok, she hates that song, but I feel so much better for talking to her again. She paid off her net access. So she's back.! That makes me pretty YAY!

Like I said, I love her. And like she said, I'm the best boyfriend EVER! She forgave me for what I said, which is good. It's been rough for both of us. So we are still boyfriend and girlfriend, though I told her that if it would help, we could take a step back and get our lives together. No matter what, I'm there for her.

Whatever happens, Michelle, fedallah, and I need to all sit down and talk. We won't get anywhere until we are all friends again.

I hope I haven't said too much in this entry.
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Hey Brock!


Oh, I love it five minutes into this episode. The artwork reminds me of my beloved Tarkus. And I say artwork because that's what it looks like.

Maybe I *am* Phil Lamaar.

Nah, I wish. >:D

P.S. I am actually laughing. Wow did he ever split that arrow.
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