August 19th, 2001


Oh, blah.

I'm home and whatnot. I am posting cause I can't sleep. I feel sickie in my tummy. Dunno what I ate. :\
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    KMFDM - Craze

Til the Morning After

This is such a pretty song. *dances*

I'm gonna try sleeping again. I don't like feeling sick like this. It should have gone away. :\
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    Duran Duran - Save a Prayer
This is not my beautiful icon.

More songs

Randomly on the radio I heard this song, a perennial fave:

[16:48:24] <Dark> Nobody gonna break my stride
[16:48:33] <Dark> Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no
[16:48:35] <Dysthymia> OH NO!
[16:48:54] <nemo> I got to keep on mooovin'!

I always forget who does that song...

This moving stuff isn't gonna kill me. I gotta work on getting a job tomorrow! I'm gonna pull myself together. Hey, Jawbreaker is on! It's one of my favorite movies, even if I don't seem like the type.
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    Imperial Teens - Yoo Hoo