August 18th, 2001

Synchronicity II

This is one of the most dark, sinister songs ever.

"Many miles away, something crawls to the surface of a dark Scottish loch..."


God, sometimes I wish songs didn't play like movies in my head.

Not this time though. Because I can see that shadow on the door of the cottage on the shore of a dark Scottish lake.

FLASH see the lake FLASH see the father outside the house, headlights glaring in a FLASH see the lake see The End.

There is no ending, just suspense. Chilling.

P.S. - Does the music to this song remind anyone of Blaster Master for the NES?
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Sayonara, cable.

I just called the cable company to cancel my cable modem. Time's getting close to take the computer down, and still no Michelle. It's still reaaal early out there, though, for a Saturday. I'm just whiny and bitchy because I hate this constantly homeless feeling.

Dial-up is ass in a long-distance relationship, at least when you're used to being constantly available. I know; when I met Michelle it was Christmas break and I was home on RCN. We have two lines, but only one jack for the second line. So I dial in on the main line, which means restricted use. At least I won't rack up a $400 bill because no one told me we don't have unlimited local calling minutes. That's so whack that I even have to pay that. It's like, oh, by the way, we decided to marinate your steak in a really expensive wine so your check is going to be a little more than you expected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yeah, my grandma just showed me my "bill". "By the way". Hell with that. If it weren't for the phone, I'd be paid up until but not including this month.

I'm going home now to live under an entirely different oppressive regime. I don't want to. I don't want to do anything. I feel like a stubborn spoiled child. Then why don't I feel like I shouldn't be acting like this?
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ljmIRC is the culprit.

Whatever bug there is in ljmIRC is crashing my computer. Okay, you dies now!

d/ling a new mIRC before I lose my speed later today.

I am trying to pack; I fold a pair of pants every five to fifteen minutes. Packing makes me physically ill. I try to blame psychosomatism, no mom, packing literally makes me sick. Always has. But it is psychosomatic. No one to blame but myself.

And I shouldn't punch myself in the stomach to make it better, should I, Jon? :\
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Grrr!, Dammit!

I am SO out of here.

My grandmother is now ON THE PHONE. A) She knows my mom has to call because she's coming over at some random time to get my stuff. B) She DOESN'T know I want to call Michelle before she goes to work.

I am going to have to pull some rogue-ishly backhanded maneuver in the next ten minutes if her call doesn't end. And it's one of those chatty, "Oh, did you hear..." calls, too.
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Roland, The Gunslinger

Called Michelle.


My poor baby is sickie and tired, though. She couldn't sleep all night. :(


I figure 2 or 3 my mom's coming over for the clothes and whatever else I can convince her to take (I *really* need my LPs right now). 3 o'clock I will hopefully see Michelle for her lunch hour. 4, I disassemble computer/phone/stereo and 5 pm (1700 hrs) bring it across to NJ. Grammy's grumbly today, but that's over soon enough. She went ahead and cancelled her plans for today so she could move me when I told her not to. It doesn't matter to me; I get to have ZERO nights without my computer and she made her plans for tomorrow, so it's night like she's missing anything. I'm justified in not feeling guilty, right?

At least I have plans now. I love to plan. Plan plan plan. Execute? Who, me? No! Never. Plan plan plannity plan! My favorite song of all.

Go back through my calendar and look at the days with the most entries. Bet they're near dates when I was moving one place or another. You can tell by the lack of posts for the next few days while I got set up. So bear with, today. I'll be quiet for a while afterwards. Miss me?

Oh and hey

I no longer have a comprehensive list of y'all's e-mails, so if you want my new address (the old address, technically) and my phone number, comment here/e-mail darksmile@lj and I'll put you on the list for when I mass mail.

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Losing my favorite game?

Hey, at least none of the rechargeable batteries that power my CD player have died. Sure, maybe they will ALL die now, but they did last a long time so far. No complaints.

In other news: I paid my money. I'm gonna see all the movie!
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Hey Hey LJ

Peace and love, all. Hope to see you later tonight!

Parting is such sweet sorrow... esp. when parting with my CABLE CONNECTION!!! WAAAAAH!!!
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